Liberals Frantic To Bury Hillary’s Latest Scandal As Her Supporters Jump Ship For Trump


The biggest bombshell of the election season was just dropped 24 hours ago when FBI Director Comey announced he would be reopening the case against Hillary Clinton.

However, you would not think that if you were to pay attention to the social media trends on Facebook.

I find it odd that just 8 days ahead of election day, the Clinton campaign has been essentially torpedoed, but no one is talking about it? This just goes to show you how biased the media really is, and that they are not in the business to expose fraud and corruption.

If that were the case the news would be blasting this all over the place but of course, they are silent.


Really? Are they kidding me? The top trending story is Bill Murray? This is exactly why the country is in the state it is, it is shoddy journalism and everyone is complicit in its massive coverup.

The American people deserve to know what is happening, but how will they if they are not told the truth of the situation. This email scandal is extraordinarily large and the implications it has could change the political landscape for years to come. These emails show how deep the corruption is within the democratic party and how many people were involved in its cover-up.

To see social media acting as an accomplice in this scandal is needless to say disgusting. If they were at all concerned with being fair and balanced they would have these stories at the top of the lost so that the American people have the proper information at hand to make the proper decision.

Are you at all surprised that social media is keeping this story hidden, or do you find this to be par for the course?

Let us know in the comments below!

H/T [ Zerohedge ]


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