Hillary’s Campaign About to Implode After Anonymous Releases Damning Picture

This is BAD.


An individual claiming to be part of the hacktivist group known as “Anonymous” made good on a threat just before the presidential debates last Sunday. Bill and Hillary Clinton decided to ignore the threat but the damning photo was released seconds before Hillary walked out onto the stage.

As Hillary was doing her best to paint Donald Trump as a misogynistic pervert, Anonymous was contradicting her claims by showing that Bill Clinton is far worse than anything that Trump might have said. However, before the debate Trump was holding a press conference with 4 women who claimed to have been raped by Bill and were harassed afterwards by Hillary.

According to the anonymous Twitter account used to release the incriminating photo, the poster alleges that this is the smoking gun proof that Bill is a pedophile who paid off his youngest victim. In the description of the first post, the anonymous poster said that they warned the Clinton PAC – lead by David Brock – not to engage. This particular PAC is referred to as “Correct the Record” (CTR) and is tasked with “correcting” false information about Hillary Clinton.

The claim that was made by this anonymous account is that Bill paid for sex with the girl in the photo when she was 14 and that the group actually has proof that she was paid for keeping quiet. In a later post, the claim was extended to include allegations of arranged marriages and a “mayor seat.”


screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-6-11-18-amFury news has done some of our own digging and while these claims of pedophilia and arranged marriages cannot be corroborated by fact, we have found some interesting tidbits of information concerning the father of the woman in the photos, Andrea Catsimatidis.

Andrea’s father, John A. Catsimatidis, is the owner of the largest grocery store chain in Manhattan. He is a long time friend of Bill Clinton who has supported many different causes throughout the Bill’s political career. John has given somewhere between $250,000 – $500,000 in campaign contributions to Hillary and was a principal donor to the construction of the Clinton Library.

(From left to right) John A. Catsimatidis and his wife Margo, his daughter Andrea Catsimatidis, Bill Clinton and his son John Jr.
(From left to right) John A. Catsimatidis and his wife Margo, his daughter Andrea Catsimatidis, Bill Clinton and John Catsimatidis Jr.

Bill Clinton often travels on a Boeing 747 that is owned by the New York Republican billionaire, which seems eerily familiar to Bill’s trips on Epstein’s plane, “the Lolita Express.”

This evidence of pedophilia isn’t all that far-fetched. With several women filing lawsuits and publicly claiming that Bill raped them along with his ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the general knowledge that Bill is very promiscuous with the ladies, nothing at this point surprises me.

H/T [Mad World News]


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