Hillary Is Toast: Leaked Email Reveals She ‘Hates Everyday Americans’

This really, really, bad.


Hillary Clinton would love for everyone’s attention to be on Donald Trump’s recent scandal, after audio of lewd comments he made back in 2005 were leaked to the media. But unfortunately for Hillary, all attention is fully on her now, after early Tuesday morning, Wikileaks dumped another massive set of emails, all coming from the hacked email account of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chair, John Podesta. Now with close to 1200 new potentially devastating emails being made available to the public, Hillary will now be forced spend the remainder of her campaign putting out fires, as more evidence of her true demented nature shady political dealings are being brought to light.

One of Hillary’s big campaign platforms is selling herself as the candidate who will be the advocate for everyday hardworking Americans, as she continuously paints Trump as part of the out-of touch rich elites. While her words sound great and wonderful, likely to resonate with many liberal Americans, Hillary’s words are nothing but complete rhetoric. In an email exchange leaked between John Podesta and her director of communications manager Jen Palmieri, Hilary’s team struggled with how to phrase her speech back in an April 2015 event in New Hampshire, because she “hated everyday Americans.”

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-11-41-45-am“I think this looks good, but thought we were going to take one of the  small biz policy ideas — like access to credit — highlight that in her remarks?”  Podesta said in his email. “I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion.”

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-11-41-52-amOh lordy. This really, really, bad. While Hillary might be able to successfully spin a few of these emails in her favor, how is she going to keep up with a continual barrage of leaks until election day, when Julian Assange has astounding 50,000 total emails that he’s currently sitting on? Trump’s comments about women are nothing compared to the vile sentiments that Hillary has towards “everyday Americans,” who make up the majority of her loyal supporters.

H/T [The Gateway Pundit]




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