Hillary Campaign Already Committing MASSIVE Voter Fraud


Voter fraud is a topic that is continuously re-visited every election year, but it seems the allegations of crime may start producing actual arrests as massive state investigations into allegations of voter fraud are breaking out all over the nation.

The Democrats behind Hillary Clinton will do everything they can to keep Trump out, even if it means breaking the law. Rampant voter fraud is their tool of choice, when their candidate can’t win on her own merit.

A quick search on the internet results in story after story of fraud at the polls. It was only last week that we reported on one such case in Texas where the state’s Attorney General has opened the largest voter fraud investigation in Texas history.

Indiana recently saw the launch of an investigation that has so far spanned 9 counties. The investigation began in late August when police learned about the filing of fraudulent voter registration forms in Marion and Hendricks counties. State Police detectives served a search warrant for the business offices of the Indiana Voter Registration Project last Tuesday.

“An investigation of this nature is complex, time consuming and is expected to continue for several more weeks or months,” said a State Police statement. “Victims of the activities by some agents of the Indiana Voter Registration Project may not discover they have been disenfranchised from voting until they go to vote and realize their voting information has been altered. Such action may result in the citizen having to cast a provisional ballot.”


In Chicago, voters were bribed with gifts to vote for the Democratic state Rep. Kate Cloonen, presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and “others”. The Kankakee County State’s Attorney’s Office said it opened the voter fraud investigation in response to allegations that “gifts” were given to voters in exchange for their vote.

In Oklahoma, the County District Attorney’s Office says that Ronald Henry, who ran for Luther City Board of Trustees, and his wife committed voter fraud in an April 2015 election. They were accused of falsely submitting at least nine absentee ballots for the 2015 Luther City Board election, of which Ronald was running for Luther City Board Trustee. They are both currently facing felony fraud charges.

Rampant voter fraud has also been alleged in Minnesota as a pending case is awaiting to be heard in the Supreme Court concerning Democrat voter registration practices.

“A new voter fraud case before the Minnesota Supreme Court claims 1,366 ineligible felons have cast at least 1,670 fraudulent votes in recent statewide elections, possibly tipping the outcome of close contests, including the 2008 U.S. Senate race.”

The Liberals won’t stop until our country is fundamentally changed to something that resembles Europe or California. They will use any method available to them, rather it be filing false rape allegations against Trump or illegally voting for dead people and people who abstain.

H/T [Blacksphere]


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