Gang Of Thugs Set Four Police Officers On Fire in Horrifying Attack

This is horrible!


A dozen masked thugs set four French police officers on fire last weekend after launching molotov cocktails at their patrol cars.

A gang of thugs attacked a group of police officers in what is being called a coordinated attack on police in a run-down residential area built in the 1960s and located just south of Paris, France. Grande Borne – where the incident occurred – is known for drug dealing, thievery, and general lawlessness.

The officers were patrolling the housing project and monitoring surveillance cameras that had been recently installed to help combat the drug dealing in the area. As many as a dozen assailants rushed the 2-man patrol cars from all sides and bombed the officers from all directions. Police sources described the weapons used as Molotov cocktails.

The injured officers were able to call for reinforcements and were shortly rescued. The attackers fled the area once that backup arrived and are still at large. At least two of the officers were severely burned and are listed in critical condition.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the two officers “were violently attacked with incendiary bombs while they were on a surveillance mission in the Grande Borne high security zone.”

“Their colleagues who came to back them up were also targeted,” he said, describing the attack as “extremely serious and very cowardly.”

French President François Hollande has vowed to find the perpetrators of the attack in Grand Borne. He called the assault “unspeakable and intolerable because it endangered the lives of officers whose job was to protect the population.”

“Everything will be done to find the perpetrators of this attack and bring them to justice so they receive a sentence in keeping with the severity of their crime,” he added.

Despite the increasing violence on the streets of France, their politicians are beginning to understand how to fight the problem. Unlike leaders in the US, they realize that a solution doesn’t come by justifying the actions of the criminals nor by calling for police reform.

H/T [Blue Lives Matter]


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