Father Devastated After Young Daughter Is Beaten To Pulp By “Flash Mob” Of Black Thugs

You can thank Obama for this one!


It seems like everywhere you turn we are hearing of an increase in violence around the country. While the left screams that black people are victims of violence at the hands of white people they may need to rethink that claim, especially after this latest attack.

Last Friday night, one father had the call no parent ever wants to receive. After an evening watching a Temple football game, Joe Lauletta, of Holland, Pennsylvania said his 19- year-old daughter, was viciously attacked.

A group of teens made a post on Instagram that spread like wildfire which resulted in four arrests, and at least eight injuries. That Friday evening, a group of teens began to gather outside of a North Philadelphia movie theater to watch “Ouija: Origin of Evil.” The crowd turned violent and that is when the attack took place on these innocent people.

Joe Lauletta's, Facebook post went viral after sharing the violent beating his daughter and friends endured.
Joe Lauletta’s, Facebook post went viral after sharing the violent beating his daughter and friends endured.

Lauletta’s daughter and friends were returning back to Temple’s University campus when they were surrounded by a ‘flash mob’ of 30-40 teens, and the majority of their attackers were of course black.

This past Tuesday, police released surveillance video from a pizza shop that captured part of the chaotic scene, describing the suspects as “approximately 20 black juvenile males and females.”

“Every part of her body is badly bruised,” Lauletta wrote. “It makes me cry just thinking about it.”

Thankfully, Lauletta’s daughter suffered no broken bones, but the terrifying ordeal has left them all wondering why this happened in the first place.

The #BLM movement has tricked the black community into thinking that they are victims. They now have a misguided belief that they have the right to go out and commit violent crimes against innocent people, and that there will be no consequences to their actions.

I lay this right at the doorstep of Barack Obama and the media.  They have created an air of entitlement and violence and they continue to fan the flames of racial division.

The current administration has shown that they do not care about what happens to the American people, and I can bet dollars to doughnuts that it would not get better under a Clinton presidency.

I can only hope and pray that the country will elect a strong leader to hold those accountable who have created such discourse.

H/T [ The Washington Post ]



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