BREAKING: Wikileaks Reveals DNC Chair Helped Hillary CHEAT


According to more leaked emails, Donna Brazile knowingly shared the questions with Hillary Clinton  that were going to be asked at the CNN town hall. At the time, Brazile was still a CNN commentator and she was worried about how Hillary would answer the question about the death penalty, so she made certain that Clinton had a heads up before she was set to speak. The email was sent on March 12 with the subject line “From time to time I get the questions in advance.”


Sure enough, Hillary was asked the question about the death penalty at the Town Hall, and she was able to spout out a perfectly polished answer that she “supposedly” came up with off the top of her head. “I would breathe a sigh of relief if either the courts or the states themselves began to eliminate the death penalty” she responded. CNN, who co-hosted the town hall with cable network TV One, is now pointing their finger at its media partner for what is an obvious breach of secrecy for questions at these type of events.

At the town hall later on the same day, Roland Martin, a host on the TV One cable network, sent and email to CNN producers with three questions, the third of which was IDENTICAL to the one that was sent by Brazile to Hillary. The wording, spacing, and capitalization are identical. Martin would later on introduce an audience member who asked Clinton about her stance on the death penalty with similar language as the email.

In a statement on Tuesday, Brazile, whose contracts with CNN and ABC were suspended when she became interim DNC chair in July, denied receiving questions in advance or sharing them with the campaign, writing, in part, “As a longtime political activist with deep ties to our party, I supported all of our candidates for president. I often shared my thoughts with each and every campaign, and any suggestions that indicate otherwise are simply untrue. As it pertains to the CNN Debates, I never had access to questions and would never have shared them with the candidates if I did.”

Does anyone else smell bullsh*t? A Democratic party official suggested Brazile was simply preparing for a panel. She did appear on ABC’s “This Week” the same day as the town hall. But the death penalty was not discussed during that show.



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