BREAKING: Lone Survivor Of Connecticut Crash Comes Forward, Gives 1 Chilling Detail About The Pilot

The survivor of the crash has just come forward with some very disturbing information.


A disturbing event occurred yesterday in Connecticut, after a plane came crashing to the ground. While investigators are being tight-lipped about the event, the survivor of the crash has just come forward with some troubling information, proving once again that we are fighting an active war with Islam.

At around 3:40 p.m., Connecticut residents got the shock of their lives, when they noticed a small twin-engine aircraft flying unusually close to the ground. Several moments later, the plane would make a sharp turn to the left, before violently plummeting head nose first into a busy East Haven street.  Miraculously, the only person killed was the student who was flying the plane, as the instructor miraculously made it out of the horrific crash alive.

crash-cover2Whenever a Muslim whack-job decides to carry out an act of terrorism, getting the facts of what happened can be extremely difficult, since we have a media who loves to white wash Islam, and a president who loves to downplay the actions of his people. But the survivor of the crash is not playing by the rules of the left, and was quick to drop a bombshell revelation on his late student Feras M. Freitekh, who was living in the United States after migrating here from the country of Jordan. “It was not an accident,” he was quoted saying by The New York Times.

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-12-30-19-pmIt was also reported by the Daily Caller, that the 28-year-old immigrant was living here on a temporary student visa so he could attend flight school, but the status of his immigration at this point is not being released. Federal Aviation Administration records show that he was certified to fly a single-engine aircraft, and was issued a private pilot’s license back in May 2015.

As the FBI and The State Police Central District Crime Squad process the crime scene, detectives from the counterterrorism unit are now becoming actively involved. If the FBI concludes that this event is not terrorism, it shows complete bias on their part, since the plane went down next to the Pratt & Whitney (P&W) factory, which is currently classified as a “critical infrastructure” by the U.S. government, and thus a prime target for terrorists.

As for the witnesses, they are just happy that to be alive. “I saw the plane going low,” witness Gregory Bell recalled. “It was too low.

Jonathan Rucker was lounging on a nearby picnic table, when he suddenly heard the plane go silent. “I hear planes every day,” he said. “I heard a plane, then I didn’t hear anything. I looked up and the plane was just tipping over. It tipped to the left and dropped straight down. There was a loud bang, smoke and flame. It tipped to the left and just dropped like a rock.”

Matthew Zuerblis was with coworkers, when suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a ground-shaking blast.”You heard an explosion, Zuerblis said. “Telephone poles shook. We thought it was a car accident at first.”

A woman who was in a minivan with her two children miraculously left the scene alive. Witness Frank Crandall relayed the mayhem, describing how plane parts and smoke were flying through the air.

“I saw the plane hit the power lines, go into a power pole and then hit just before a minivan and burst into flames,” said Crandall, who works in a building next to the crash. “I thought the power lines were going to come down, so I gunned it.” After that he saw the woman from the van frantically screaming, and went over to help.”She was fine, she came into our office,” Crandall said.

At this point in time the media has not confirmed that Freitekh was a Muslim, but that conclusion is pretty much a no-brainer. Why else would an Arab immigrant intentionally kill himself by crashing his plane into one of our nation’s critical infrastructures, unless Allah commanded him to do it?

H/T [Daily CallerCourant]



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East Hartford not East Haven.
Right by Pratt & Whitney’s test facility


That first photo is a Cessna 182 that crashed in 2014, not the same plane that this article is talking about.