BREAKING: Chilling Leaked Email Suggests Hillary Ordered Assassination of Justice Scalia


As Wikileaks continues to issue death blows at Hillary and her campaign, perhaps the most damning evidence yet was just released. In another the leaked email from John Podesta, it proves that Hillary knew Justice Scalia was about to be assassinated, and that his death would not be by “natural causes” as the liberal media would later spin it.

Being that Scalia was the only constitutional conservative left in the Supreme Court, it would make sense that Hillary would want him dead. The following leaked emails suggest that the Clinton Regime was aware of his impending assignation well before he was killed, which makes sense why several top democrats who were celebrating the news of Scalia’s death.

In the subject line was the word “thanks” with an email containing Podesta’s message where he wrote, “Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.” The term “wet works” is a military euphemism for “assassination.”

Check out the video by Milo:

Below is a screenshot of the email:

In August, Democratic Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland joked about Scalia’s death coming “at a good time.” Stickland is known for receiving contributions from DC lobbyists and top Clinton contribution bundlers Heather and Tony Podesta (John Podesta’s brother) and from Steve Elmendorf.

Lets not forget the photos of Obama with the Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter.

Many are trying to claim the whole thing is really about how Clinton and her lackeys knew Bernie would beat Hillary in the New Hampshire primary on February 9th meaning the “bad nite” is Hillary. Yet…we know that ‘wet works’ is a clear military reference to an assassination and no one is going to use that term lightly. Not to mention that the fact that Scalia was found just on the other side of a vineyard attached to the ranch is a bit too coincidental.

Keep in mind that our Constitution lays judicial power in the Supreme Court per Article III, meaning that if it is fully ran by liberal democrats we as a nation are screwed. So it makes perfect sense why they assassinated the only man left on the panel that would have stood for We The People!

H/T [ The Daily Sheeple, Milo ]





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25 Comments on "BREAKING: Chilling Leaked Email Suggests Hillary Ordered Assassination of Justice Scalia"

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Lucrezia Borgia

Because this is next to came out….. I have proof of the hit contract they put out on Scalia. I believe I have found proof in the wikileaks emails detailing the contract Podesta had out on Justice Scalia. I found the “order” in the emails disguised in a subtle request for “funding” for a “film idea”. The cost, $1.5 million dollars. They were so brazen that they even sent a URL to a map showing a line to the location in texas where ranch is….a smithsonian map. There’s the map URL as it was sent in the email to… Read more »
Dorothy Grappo

Guest – if you have proof, why haven’t you submitted it back in March or April. I personally feel the Pres arranged it. Doesn’t make sense for Hillary to want Scalia out of the way but Scalia nixed Obama’s agenda.

Doctor Jay
Dorothy, it makes good sense for Hillary. She is incredibly paranoid and remembers another recent election where the SCOTUS ultimately decided the presidency. Obama, ofcourse, has his own reasons. His “lame duck” agenda would face little opposition with a liberal replacement for Scalia. Working together would secure all the necessary resources, security, and alibi. Hillary would be obliged to support Obama’s legacy and Obama would have to protect Hillary through her investigation. Idealogues like Obama & Clinton have never shrunk from murder if it paved their way to power or removed obstacles to their cause. I assumed it was assasination… Read more »
susan Costanzo

Well Comey will listen to you now….f course they are way ahead of you in these documents…she is so c=screwed as is her husband and obama for emaiing her on her unsecured email!. We have good people …smart lawyers as Conservatives, Gowdy and Chafetz … 2 of them who will see this through….but they must watch their backs….these people kill those who come after them!




Obama had him murdered. Innkeeper involved.


How many democrat political operatives were at the ranch at the time of the justices death? Who were they?


Lmao!!!!!!!!!! You people are delusional loons. This is hilarious


Why Kyle? Because it’s hard to believe?? Sorry to inform you, this kind of stuff has been going on before all of our time!!


I guess you cannot see the forest for the trees, Kyle!


It’s like a complete meltdown of the right.

Ivan Gentry

asdfads That’s probably what Hillary says after every murder she commits or orders.

jerri Zimmerman

Next breaking news…Humpty Dumpty did not fall Hillary had him killed….

Alberto Burns

And I am amaze that you do not realize, that you have your head deep in your rear FAT end.

Ivan Gentry

Kyle That is always the reaction by you left wingers (liberal idiots)when you are discovered committing an illegal act. Like murdering the one man who stood in Obama’s way of eliminating the 2nd amendment. Nice try though. No one believes you find them delusional.

Joseph Moreno

Question is why is she not in jail or Obama arrested

bo jangles

It seems more likely marthas vineyard was where it was decided. Look at the trees on the lesf for scale..the vineyard vines would be bigger than trees. I couldnt find any mention of a vineyard in any of the reviews of the place although its big, about 5 square miles.

kimberly Ward

Hillary’s Aide, ‘She’s Acting Like A RETARD – She Smells Like Boiled Cabbage, Urine, And FARTS’


You guys are tards ( without any disrespect to the developmentally disabled intended ) and have read too many Tom Clancy novels.

Ivan Gentry
Tom Clancy said that fiction had to make sense. This crap makes no sense. The killings and the stealing by Hillary, Obama and Bill has not been stopped because regardless of how corrupt they get they are all in it together. They have the dirt on Comey and Lynch too so no one will really blow the whistle on anyone. If one of them goes down, they all go down. That’s why they are so afraid of Trump. They have nothing on him to keep him quiet. If he gets elected all of these crooks are going to jail.

Put her in jail


The people running this Country are Mobsters, the same criminal activity as the Mob, but they have a ink Pen, to bad that it is all catching up to them NOW. Thank God, for unprotected servers! I pray they railroad them all, straight to Hell!