Anonymous Hackers Plan Ultimate Revenge On Liberal Media For Their Biased Reporting On Hillary


Beginning earlier this year, Anonymous hackers have set their sites on the biased mainstream media. With the latest leaked emails released by Wikileaks, they have renewed their efforts and issued a declaration of war in the form of a video on YouTube.

On June 1 of this year, an Anonymous group – known as the Ghost Squad Hackers – launched a series of coordinated attacks against leading members of the corporate mainstream media. Denial of Service attacks were successfully carried out against CNN and Fox News with the promise of future attacks against the other culprits, NBC and MSM.

While the Ghost Squad Hackers have very close ties to Anonymous, the group claimed to speak for themselves and many disavowed any relationship with the hacker group after authorities began looking for someone to prosecute. However, this new video that was released on YouTube comes directly from the Anonymous channel.

The video begins with several news clips of past accomplishments by the infamous hacktivist group. The most notable accomplishment shown in the few clips happened in 2010 during #OpPayback, an operation carried out by the loose coalition of hackers that brought down several large banking sites. The attack was prompted after the institutions refused to allow Wikileaks to use their banking services.

The following year, Anonymous performed a similar attack and was successful in shutting down entire Malaysian government services in response to the blocking of websites like Wikileaks.

The masked figure begins by addressing the “corporate-paid media and the world” followed by a brief introduction, “We are the ones in the dark who has served the light.”

“Unlike you, we have served the truth and we are not afraid to address the people that you [sic] have lied to on a horrendous scale,” the video claims.

The masked figure continues by accusing the “corporate-paid mainstream media” of several wrongdoings while stating that it “will no longer be tolerated” and concludes by explaining in brief the operation and their targets.

While a catchy and iconic name has not yet been released for this operation, the group has always made good on their threats in the past. According to the video, this next attack is planned for the date that every Anonymous member, affiliate or fan knows from the Guy Fawkes movie, “remember, remember the fifth of November.”

H/T [AntiMedia]


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