WATCH: Psycho Muslim Chick Gets Dragged Off By Her Burka After Trying to Bomb Train Station

A huge terror plot was just thwarted, and it was led by all females


Police in France’s counter terrorism intelligence agency had been on the trail of a trio of ISIS recruiters since Sunday, but finally caught up with them just in time to thwart an attempt at bombing a train station. One woman in the group, who is only known as Sarah H., was engaged to be married to Larossi Aballa, who murdered a policeman and his wife just outside of Paris before he shot himself in the head. She then became engaged to Adel Kermich, who slit the throat of the Catholic priest in Normandy back in July. Her current fiance was arrested on Thursday.

The gang were hours away from launching a deadly attack on a Paris mainline train stationToday it emerged that the female jihadi cell- which is the first of its kind in France- had planned to attack the Gare du Lyon in Paris which is one of the busiest train stations in Europe. A car full of gas canisters was found parked in Paris. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a briefing: “These three young, radicalised women were preparing an imminent and violent attack.” The three women were arrested in Bossy-Saint-Antoine, following the finding.

A French teenager gunned down after stabbing an officer was a sworn ISIS fanatic who wanted to attack a mainline station in Paris, it emerged today. Police officers stand guard after last night's raid

In the video below you can see the chillingmoment when the jihadess is being dragged up a hill by the corner of her burqa by police to be detained. The apartment that they were all staying at was raided Thursday evening. One officer was wounded with a butcher knife. Another woman involved, Ines Madani, is said to have been the prime suspect in the female terror cell. She was shot repeatedly after stabbing an officer and is currently hospitalized.Ines Madani reportedly had contacts with Belgian radicals from the Charleroi region: The names of the radicals appeared on a list from Belgians Crisis center as potential candidates departing to Syria. “There is no question here (in Belgium) of a planned attack but Ines Madani seemed to fulfill a role of recruiter and facilitator for these departures,” said a statement issued from the local police department.

H/T[Daily Mail]


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