Student Attacked For Wearing “UNSAFE” Trump Hat By Liberal Nitwit [VIDEO]

More "tolerant" liberals...


The crazy epidemic of liberal crybabies telling all conservatives that everything we say or do is “offensive” or “hate speech” is really getting old. As an American who claims no title other than being “American,” I am personally fed up with these “safe spacers” continuously crying, and screaming that their rights are “infringed,” but then they turn around and attack anyone whose opinion does not fall in line with theirs.

Enough is enough. When a young man is harassed by an obviously ill-educated, wannabe hippie thug for simply wearing a hat in a public area, it is seriously time for someone to put a real big AMERICAN boot in someone’s rear.



Next time some millennial hipster wants to step on our flag and claim its their “First Amendment right,” but turn around and claim a hat is “hate speech,” I hope someone seriously throat-punches them.

H/T [ Conservative Outfitters ]


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Pathetic idiots!