Obama Uses 1 Despicable Word to Describe Americans During Speech in Asia

This president knows nothing about Americans or the country he leads since he's too occupied playing golf or trying to "fundamentally transform" the country!


Throughout his presidency, the man in the White House who fancies himself as the “celebrity president” has continuously screwed off and taken extravagant vacations around the world on our dime. This president is so lazy with doing his presidential duties, that he couldn’t even be bothered to make a trip to Louisiana after massive floods hit several weeks ago, as he was too occupied whacking golf balls at Martha’s Vineyard and rubbing elbows with his NBA buddies.

But just when we think this man couldn’t possibly piss us off any more, he still manages to find a way. With startling hypocrisy typical of his royal highness, Obama decided to use his speech in Laos as an opportunity to put the American people on blast, telling the people of Asia two separate times that Americans are “lazy,” as if this man has any room to freaking lecture anyone about laziness.

“So usually, if you see the environment destroyed, it’s not because that’s necessary for development. It’s usually because we’re being lazy, and we’re not being as creative as we could be about how to do it in a smarter, sustainable way,” Obama said during a town hall meeting. “And I believe that the United States is and can be a great force for good in the world. But because we’re such a big country, we haven’t always had to know about other parts of the world.

Then he went on to call us lazy—again.

“If you’re in the United States, sometimes you can feel lazy and think we’re so big, we don’t have to really know anything about other people. And that’s part of what I’m trying to change.”

Americans are the hardest working people on the face of the planet. (Well, the ones still in the workforce who haven’t been crippled by his asinine economic policies.) This president knows nothing about Americans or the country he leads since he’s too occupied playing golf or trying to “fundamentally transform” the country!

H/T [The American Mirror]




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My president I would like you too look at what tomorrow will be the first of many life’s have been lost September 11,th god bless you