Obama Sics His Justice Department On Female Cop, Then The Truth Comes Out

At the end of the day, it's not the BLM domestic terrorists we should be pointing the finger at, but the terrorist currently occupying the White House, who is doing his damnedest to destroy America on every single front possible.


As the liberal media and BLM thugs prepare to riot over another “senseless” shooting of an “armed black man,” one small detail has just emerged about the tragedy in Oklahoma, blowing a huge hole into the narrative they are currently pushing onto Americans. While Obama and his race-baiting minions would love for everyone to believe that 40-year-old Terence Crutcher of Tulsa, Oklahoma was brutally gunned down by a white officer simply for being black, immediately dispatching their Justice Department to go after the officer involved, one small item was just found in Cruther’s car, casting the story in an entirely different light.

In case you aren’t spun up on the facts of the case, Crutcher’s car reportedly broke down in the middle of a Tulsa road several days ago, where the situation immediately began to deteriorate after officers arrived. After failing to comply with officers’ repeated orders to place his arms in the air and reaching inside of his vehicle for something, that’s when he was fatally shot by female officer Betty Shelby. But what was just found in his car substantiates Shelby’s claims that she shot Crutcher because she “felt threatened,” not only because he reached into his pocket for something, but because she thought he was on drugs and acting erratically.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 12.30.12 PMThe Daily Mail reports that, “when Shelby asked Crutcher if he was the owner of the stalled SUV, he allegedly mumbled incoherently in response, which led her to believe that he might be high on PCP – a drug that often causes users to feel detached and have slurred speech.”

While this theory of PCP was scoffed at by Crutcher’s family members, now as of today, authorities confirmed what the female officer had suspected all along, releasing the bombshell revelation that a vial of PCP was in fact in Crutcher’s vehicle, explaining why he was behaving so strangely, ignoring her orders to place his arms in the air.

Since the fatal shooting, the female officer involved has been placed on administrative leave, while Obama’s Justice Department throws themselves in the middle of the incident to drum up the race war, and BLM idiots gear up to riot and destroy their neighborhoods in “protest.”


Any loss of life is tragic, but it’s important to recognize the vicious cycle we are currently caught in. Thanks to Obama and his race-baiting morons continually pinning blacks against white cops in this country, we now have police officers constantly on edge, worried if they’ll be massacred the next time a black person rolls down their window during a routine traffic stop. On the flip side, if a black person is shot, even it it’s fully justified through the law, blacks immediately call for violence, refusing to even wait until the details even emerge.

Unless we as Americans find a way to put an end to the racial hatred on both sides, tragically, incidents like this will just continue to occur in America.  At the end of the day, it’s not the BLM domestic terrorists we should be pointing the finger at, but the terrorist currently occupying the White House, who is doing his damnedest to destroy America on every single front possible.

H/T [CNN, Daily Mail, FOX 23]



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11 Comments on "Obama Sics His Justice Department On Female Cop, Then The Truth Comes Out"

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Jace McFarland

Once again, a d*mb*ss Negroid failing to comply. Dead as dead his stupid *ss should be!

Jules Amosah

You are truly a fascinating person! If I may ask, what is it like being a shameless racist in this day and age?

David Hendrickson

Do you have to practice to be that much of a moronic racist *ssh*le, or does it just come naturally?


It’s not about race. It’s about behavior. Pull your head out of your racist ass. There are people of all races that are behaving this way. Yes it is disproportionate in the black community but your comments only go to prove their point.

John in Oklahoma

How could he be reaching into the vehicle through a window that was not open? And I have not heard of calls for violence regarding this incident; actually, I have heard the opposite.


How about next time these racists want to violently protest and block roads, the police shoot all of them? Bet the protests would diminish.


The next your trailer park ass..kids kill you or blow your house up with meth..it will serve your honkey ass right.


Get the facts straight. Obama didn’t “sic” anybody. Tulsa police asked the U.S. Department of Justice to help investigate the shooting.


Obama didn’t “sic” anybody – the Tulsa Police Department asked the Justice Department to investigate. But I guess if you’re pruod of being a “sh*t-starter”, you like to lie, right?


Oh, he has drugs. FIRE AWAY! Oh wait, he didn’t do anything threatening. Not complying is not a reason for deadly force. Oh and she already knew there was no gun in the car within reach. She already looked through it when she first arrived and he wasn’t with the car. She conveniently “forgot” that there was no weapon in the vehicle. And the guy right next to her when she fired was using a taser, so obviously he didn’t feel his life was threatened or he would have pulled his sidearm instead.

I do not know all the details of the situation, just like all of you. I do know as a retired police officer I do not shoot someone for failure to obey while reaching into car, jacket, pocket…. Yes, I may “fear” that they are reaching for a weapon, but most often they are NOT! If you find yourself in this situation, you do not shot them in the back because they MIGHT be going for a weapon. You reposition behind cover, your patrol car, their car, a nearby tree while drawing down ready to fire at the first sign… Read more »