Hillary Looks Like a Dumbass After Old Footage Of Trump Surfaces, Destroys Her ‘Miss Piggy’ Story

The desperate attempts to harm Trump's character only shows that the Clinton campaign engine couldn't find anything else to pin against the Republican candidate.


The Democrats have only a few things to say about Donald Trump, but they can no longer claim that Trump is a misogynistic sexist after this recently released footage from CNN archives.

Hillary Clinton first accused Trump of being a misogynistic sexist claiming that he “fat-shamed” the former Miss Universe 20 years ago. However, Hillary and her media pets failed to consider one thing before pushing their narrative — someone was bound to dig up the old video recording from 1997.

Hillary and her lackeys must have had a hard time finding Alicia Machado, the 1996 Miss Universe pageant winner in their attempts to find any dirt they could on Trump. Now that they have found her, Hillary and her camp are presenting the former Miss Universe as a “victim” of Donald Trump’s mean words, using her as the sole “proof” that Trump is a cruel, misogynistic monster. However, their plan is failing miserably and archived CNN footage from 1997 will be the final blow to their misogyny myth.

According to Mad World News:

Hillary would have done well to choose a better tool to use in building her claim against Donald Trump for being a so-called sexist jerk. While vetting Alicia Machado, a variety of negative facts about her character have come to light, which makes it extremely difficult to take her at her word about what a horrible man Trump was back in the day.

Another thing that makes it impossible to swallow Hillary’s misogyny myth is being able to see with our own eyes how Trump and Machado interacted in 1997. Alicia Machado won the Miss Universe title in 1996 before Trump purchased the contest. When he became owner there was controversy surrounding Machado’s weight gain since it was a breach of her contract. However, Trump championed her and committed to helping her get in the best physical shape of her life. Does that seem at all hostile to you?

The video clip below shows a confident Trump talking about serious health problems facing America. It is clear that he is being supportive and encouraging while cutting through the embarrassment of the matter by using humor as if he was managing a prize-fighter rather than a beauty pageant competitor. He is in no way being intentionally cruel and the expression on Machado’s face clearly show that she is not offended in the slightest.

Clinton’s attempt to defame Trump by calling him a “fat-shamer” shows a candidate who is scrambling to hang on to voters as they are being slowly drained away. The desperate attempts to harm Trump’s character only shows that the Clinton campaign engine couldn’t find anything else to pin against the Republican candidate. If this is all that they can find on Trump, they are in for more trouble than they bargained for.

H/T [Mad World News]


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Indian Andy

I think Bill vetted her.and made she had a fresh change of clothes with no stains.

I don’t know if this is the right place to do this but based on the comments here I believe more people here will understand what I’m saying than those on my Facebook list who would probably delete me but I need to say this so here it goes… I’m a single mom trying to raise a teen age boy in this world that seems to be against boys. My son is what I call “my political prodigy” and had me sit through the debates 5x. I consider myself pretty thick skinned, open-minded and as unbiased as possible However…what I… Read more »