Woman Calls Police After Claiming she was Raped by Pokemon Go Character

A woman in Moscow contacted police after claiming she was raped by a "giant pokemon" after playing the popular game Pokemon Go.


A female from Russia called the police after claiming she was raped by a Pokemon Go Character. The married woman told police she had been playing the game before going to sleep. After falling asleep she claims she woke up and immediately noticed a giant Pokemon on top of her. According to her testimony the giant Pokemon proceeded to rape her. The unnamed woman first told her husband about the incident, her husband told her to go seek psychiatric help. Not satisfied with his answer, the woman then contacted the local police department, who also told her to seek psychiatric help.


The unnamed woman’s friend seems to think her dog can sense pokemon too. Ivan Makarov told the press whenever the unnamed woman plays pokemon her dog begins to bark. Makarov believes the dog has a special ability to detect Pokemon in the area:

“She says there are too many Pokemon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokemon GO.” – Ivan Makarov

While reading this article I’m sure you’re saying this has to be satire but it’s not. The article first appeared on The Daily Mail and has since gone viral. Another incident has been reported where pokemon go players called emergency services because someone stole their pokemon:

If these people have this much trouble dealing with Augmented Reality, I’d hate to see how they handle real life.


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