Trump Camp Offers Disturbing New Theory On Hillary’s Deteriorating Health


The whole world is watching the Trump/Hillary war, as we continue to see signs if Hillary’s health slipping. Yet liberals want to keep ignoring this issue, and how her lack of stamina could be devastating not only for her campaign trail, but should she become president.

Trump’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, told MSNBC that the Democratic nominee possibly suffers from serious brain damage. Citing her “mannerisms” and her previous “concussion.” “It is extremely important to note that Hillary Clinton has taken a lot of time off the campaign trail. It is something that needs to be addressed, she hasn’t even had a press conference this year.”

The media and the Clinton crew continue to call it all all a “conspiracy theory”, while the rest of the logical-thinking citizens in this country call it an obvious fact.

Trump has stated also that, “she doesn’t have the strength or stamina for a very long time.”

Trump is right. It is obvious to the entire country that Hillary Clinton not only has no ability to actually run this country, nor bring it out of the despair that Obama has slammed it into, but she also is not in any kind of shape health wise to pull of the Presidency. Her failing health will be the ending for us all. It would leave the country open for a guaranteed attack by many outside forces. A weak President is a weak country.

At some point the Hillary campaign, or better yet, Hillary herself needs to publicly address her health issues. Full transparency. America has a right to know!

H/T [Breitbart]




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