Right After The Media Pointed Him Out, Look What Hillary’s Handler Was Caught Doing


As the liberal media continues to insist that Hillary Clinton is in picture perfect health, another very strange event has just happened that’s raising even more questions about the state of the Democratic candidate’s condition. Over the past few weeks, the media has been abuzz with theories surrounding the mysterious man seen following Hillary Clinton around wherever she goes, leading many to believe that this handler could in fact be her personal doctor.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.21.46 AMAs many began suspect that Hillary is suffering from a disease that she’s desperately trying to keep hidden from the public, these speculations were further substantiated after this same handler could be seen rushing to Hillary’s side after she suddenly froze up at a rally, looking dazed and lost after being hackled by the crowd. The man immediately came to Hillary’s aid, as he gently reassured her with a pat on the back and the words to “keep talking.”

So far, the liberal media’s explanation is that this man is simply a Secret Service agent that is doing his job to protect Hillary. But a Secret Service tactics expert recently said this theory is complete nonsense, since Secret Service agents never touch a presidential candidate in the manner this man did. While this individual might be a close member of Hillary’s staff, he is definitely not a member of her security team.

In light of this negative barrage of social media attention, it appears as though the Hillary camp is desperate to take the spotlight off of their queen, and silence the ongoing uproar over her perceived medical issues. In light of these bizarre incidents, this mysterious handler has now completely disappeared from the public eye. The Gateway Pundit first noticed that this man has been absent for 11 days, ever since he was first pointed out by the media.

So why has this mystery man suddenly disappeared from Hillary’s side? It looks like being questioned about her health issues has really struck a nerve, and the Democrats are doing everything to erase this man’s existence from our memories. What is Hillary hiding? If this man is simply doing his job and providing security for her, why would he suddenly be removed from all her events in the wake of this media attention? Something just isn’t adding up.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]


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Just keep watching…If he really is a doc and she is jacked up physically, there will be another one.