The Real Reason Trump Booted Campaign Chairman


On Friday, officials serving on Trump’s campaign confirmed that Paul Manafort was asked to resign from his position as campaign chairman. But the reasoning behind this decision was not known until now.

The campaign’s new manager, Kellyanne Conway, stated:

“He was asked, and he indeed tended his resignation today. Mr. Trump accepted his resignation and wished him well and thanked him for his service. I think it’s as simple as that.”

Rumors ran with hundreds of conspiracies about why Mansfort had resigned when in truth it was a mutual decision based off of an investigation by The New York Times that revealed a Russian connection that Manafort had that could have potentially hurt Trump.

Trump’s son Eric said, “My father didn’t want to be, you know, distracted by whatever Paul was dealing with. My father just didn’t want to have the distraction looming over the campaign and quite frankly looming over all the issues that Hillary’s facing right now.”

Trump is a man that has always surrounded himself with a winning team and I see nothing stopping him from doing that now. If he felt that Mansfort and his possible connections could affect him negatively, it makes perfect sense for him to ask for a resignation. Trump isn’t setting himself up to lose anything anytime soon.

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]


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