LEAKED: Hillary’s Private Meetings With Muslim Brotherhood Officials Secretly Recorded

Hillary is in a mass panic because this hacker group has these recordings in their possession.


It has become widely known that Huma Abedin is connected directly to the Muslim Brotherhood. As it turns out, she has been secretly recording meetings with Hillary Clinton and some of the videos have been intercepted by anonymous black-hat hackers.

Julian Assange, infamous hacker and founder of WikiLeaks, has been announcing for weeks that more leaks are coming soon. He foretells that the next leak will be enough evidence to convict Hillary Clinton of treason and it looks like he may be right.

We have been able to confirm that the substance of the leaks will be evidence of a vast conspiracy within our government. It appears that Huma Abedin secretly recorded Hillary Clinton giving names of everyone involved in this conspiracy to subvert our nation.

Huma Mahmood Abedin has worked with Clinton since 1996 where she began as an intern in the west wing. For most of the past 20 years, Huma has served as Clinton’s “bodywoman”, which is basically a glorified lady’s maid. She now sits as the vice chair in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


In 2012, she was accused by U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann of being a mole for the Muslim Brotherhood. Bachmann then says during a live broadcast interview that the infiltration of our government is much wider than anyone expected.

“It appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood,” Bachmann stated during a radio interview. “It appears that there are individuals who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who have positions, very sensitive positions, in our Department of Justice, our Department of Homeland Security, potentially even in the National Intelligence Agency.”

Hillary Clinton has often expressed her fondness of Huma. She brought Huma with her to the State Department and has referenced Huma as her “second daughter”. It is easy to imagine the sort of top-secret information Huma has been privy to while working so close to Clinton during her role as Secretary of State.

In my previous article posted on Fury News, I detail a conversation between anonymous forum users and an FBI informant. The anonymous informant hints at the deep conspiracy by saying, “The problem is with the entire government. [Hillary Clinton] is one component of that government.”

“There already is enough to indict,” the FBI informant claims. “this case would explode into a million other cases if fully brought to light. there has been deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Since this conversation with the anonymous FBI informant, we have seen several rounds of leaked emails by Assange and a promise for more evidence of Clinton’s corruption. Confidential sources say that time is almost here. On Saturday, Wikileaks will release the leaked videos and their contents will shock everyone.

The videos were secretly recorded for the Saudi Royale by Huma Abedin and intercepted by Anonymous while she was transferring them via a well known file sharing site. The hackers confronted Huma about the videos and she agreed to give the anonymous hacker information about the Democratic National Committee from a DNC insider, if he would agree not to expose her. The insider she introduced him to was none other than Seth Rich, the DNC employee who was recently found murdered in July.


Although Clinton and her gang tried to stop Seth Rich from leaking any incriminating evidence, they were too late. Rich turned over the DNC emails that were leaked recently and the hacker immediately gave them to Wikileaks along with the intercepted videos.

The only other pieces of information that my source was able to give is that the “meetings will show treason and they will show who is involved. Hillary names names.” The source also says that this scandal is worldwide and that Angela Merkel is one of the names spoken by Hillary Clinton.

The videos are scheduled to be released on Saturday, August 6th by Wikileaks. I will be watching for them and I hope you are too. Everyone in America will want to know what our government has been involved in. However, the biggest step will be deciding how to fix the quagmire that the Clinton Mafia has woven throughout our government and the world.


UPDATE 8/7/2016

In regards to the release of the Huma Abedin videos, I stand corrected. Julian Assange has already stated, “We have emails relating to Hillary Clinton which are pending publication.” He also predicted a “very good” year for WikiLeaks in an interview with Peston.

The next release will be more emails. The videos will be likely leaked at a later date and my guess is that they will be leaked in October. Assange is legendary for saving the big releases for key moments in time. However, to correlate with my own understanding of the obscure information that I received, there has been several tweets correlating with the information provided in this article.

There have also been other independent news sources reporting on the Huma Abedin videosKyle Olsen at the American Mirror includes a screenshot of the anonymous forum where the information was leaked.


Unlike Hillary Clinton, I do not need an entire foundation to Correct the Record. I am fully capable of owning up and admitting when I am wrong. I apologize for providing false information and I stand corrected.


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Wait todays saturday?!!?! Or next weeks?!?!


Wait, so your source is an anonymous user on an image board claiming to be an FBI informant? Did they provide any evidence for what they were saying?

Skunk Ape

The invasion of Western Europe is just a prelude to the invasion of America. French, British and German Muslims are on their first leg. They are planning the final destination to be the US. Hillary and the Dems have sold out America.


so nothing was released. where’s the beef?


wheres the video?


I want to see the video.. or something..


My guess is you will LOL Hillary is toast she trusted a Muslim Brotherhood mole. DUMB


Where are the videos


its august 8th, where is this bomb??


BS. If this so called video were around and not already shared, the possessor of that video or any damning emails are just as compromised as clinton.


Whether this video exists or not.. if you know anything about the Muslim Brotherhood, or about Huma, you know that our government, largely thanks to Obama and Hillary, is already in bed with Islamic radicals. When you understand THAT, you understand why Obama fails to protect the U.S. through simple procedures like vetting Muslim immigrants, and why radical organizations like CAIR are intimately involved with his governance.


His name is Hussein. WHY would anyone be surprised that he is in bed with Muslim terrorists?

Hillary and Bill Clinton are for sale to the highest bidders. Why would anyone be surprised the Muslims own both of them.