What Just Happened at Presidential Rallies is PROOF That Pro-Hillary Polls are DEAD WRONG


Word has been circulating that Hillary is leading in the polls, and is right on track to becoming the next President of the United States. There’s just one problem with that, it’s all a lie. The mainstream media would have you believe that Clinton is America’s pick for leading our country, but when you get down to it and actually LOOK at the proof, you can see for yourself that these assumptions are dead wrong.

While Trump rallies are generally completely sold-out, Hillary is struggling to even fill up a high school gymnasium. When you look at the evidence, you will see that just because your talking box tells you that Hillary is leading in the polls, it doesn’t make it correct. Just two days ago, an enormous crowd gathered to support Donald Trump in Daytona Beach. Here’s that video:

And that crowd was just the people who had gathered outside. Let’s take a look at a picture from inside the building to get a better grasp of the number of Trump supporters that there really are. Over 15,000 people packed the stadium to show their support for Trump.

Meanwhile, contrast that crowd with the amount of Hillary supporters that showed up to support her at a high school gym and you come to your own conclusion as to who is REALLY leading in the popular vote.

That’s a huge difference. What the biased media doesn’t want you to see should concern you. Hillary is NOT the top pick for President, but that’s what they try and make you believe. This woman is a murderer and a liar and her credibility diminishes by the day. I refuse to believe that people are stupid enough to vote for this treasonous woman, and now I have seen for myself that she is nothing but a fake. So let’s recap: Trump = tens of thousands, Hillary = tens of dozens.


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We have been listening to Hillary Clinton’s blathering and lies for 40 years, we know every lie of hers by heart.