Federal Judge Blames Cops for Their Own Deaths, Proclaims #BlackLivesMatter


If you ever wondered if you would get a fair trial in most courts around the country, you may want to know, if you do not already, Judges are elected by the people and many allow personal opinion to get in the way of law. Judges hold extreme power and if you happen to get a liberal one, you may be in trouble.

Here is a prime example of this. U.S. District Judge James Robart, is not a fan of police. He is however, a supporter of #BlackLivesMatter.

During a hearing that Judge Robart is residing over regarding Seattle Police reform to address federal allegations of police bias, specifically, alleged unconstitutional practices of policing, from illegal stops to unreasonable and deadly use of force, the Judge decided these changes needed to be made:

Judge Robart, a George W. Bush appointee, said proposed police reform legislation should include putting a civilian in charge of police oversight, shutting down a police-led disciplinary board and creating a civilian position of inspector general.

Judge Robart threatened to call a hearing and override the city’s bargaining process with the union if he concluded the union was interfering with reform, The Times reported.

The police union wanted to negotiate this while tying in pay raises and benefit increases. The Judge was having NO part of that and the Police Union rejected a contract put before them. This pissed off the Judge so much caused a huge stir in the courtroom by quoting some statistics about cops shooting blacks that he probably pulled from his ass and finalized his peacocking with, “Black lives matter.”

He pretty much blamed cops for their deaths, rather than the violent thugs who have a militant call to kill cops across the country.

Judge Robart added that the recent targeted shootings of police officers across the country signaled the importance of strengthening police and community relations.

Not once did he blame the BLM thugs, nor the blind eye stance that elected officials are taking across the country. Not once did he address the terrorism taking place at the hands of the BLM community, nor the super-charged environment causing cops to be on high alert and on the defense due to BLM thugs. Nope, he said cops need to strengthening their relationship with the community.

Do you think the Seattle Police Commissioner has his officer’s backs? Nope. Commissioner Enrique Gonzalez had this to say about the Judges’ racial comments (emphasis by me):

“I’m very encouraged that a federal judge has actually said that black lives matter, because now we know that not only is this movement happening in the streets … even a federal judge has acknowledged that people of color have been on the receiving end of police brutality and this needs to change.”

While this is taking place in Seattle, have zero doubt that this will be taking place all over the country. We need to be researching the hell out of anyone we elect to any position and we must stand strong in our support of police officers who are now targets of a terrorist organization and liberal politicians.



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Pastor Dennis Wall

Black Lives Matter is a Domestic Terrorist hate group! After the arson terrorism in Milwaukee, one of their Negro members said BLM must go burn down White Peoples’ homes in the rural section instead of burning down the Negro section of the city! Another words, Start a Civil War of Negroes against Whites! If that’s not a hate group nothing is! They need yo be arrested not coddled.


The two bit piece of sh*t “judge” is being paid to promote a race war. Just follow the money and you will most likely see George Soros on the other end.,


Black lives don’t matter one dam bit never did