Jack-In-The-Box Employee FIRED After What He Did To a Homeless Veteran


Alex Mesta, a Jack-In-The-Box employee was fired from his job after doing this extraordinary thing to a veteran. He was never warned, they simply just let him go.

According to Fox, Mesta worked at a Jack-In-The-Box in Bakersfield, California and earned his unemployment by giving a local homeless veteran a free cup of coffee and two free tacos. Mesta agreed to furnish the veteran a free cup of coffee from time to time, but one day around 2 weeks ago, he decided to give him two tacos as well.

The tacos were left over and were intended to be thrown away. Mesta said, “It was either throw them away or make them for him.” Instead of wasting the food, Mesta decided to give them to the veteran.

After being fired without being written up or warned, Mesta said, “I know what he did wasn’t right to them, but to me it, felt right.”

After a local man posted his story on Facebook, it immediately went viral causing a flurry of comments from many frustrated people. They were upset at how Jack-In-The-Box handled the situation.


Here are some reactions from people on Twitter who are upset at Jack-In-The-Box.

I commend the young man for honoring this homeless veteran and giving him free food and coffee. Even though he should have paid for the gifts out of his own pocket, the restaurant manager could’ve have given him a lighter punishment considering there was no warning.

H/T [America’s Freedom Fighter]


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