How Free Are You REALLY In the United States? Check Your State’s Ranking


How much freedom do you really have in your state? Economists Will Ruger and Jason Sorens have been conducting annual studies called, “Freedom in the 50 United States.” This year’s study has come out and will show you where your state ranks in regards to economic, social and personal freedoms based on a variety of political policy issues such as gambling, trans fat bans, guns, pot, audio recording of police, occupational licensing restrictions, family leave, personal relationships and more.

To view your state’s freedom rankings along with very detailed analysis and reports, click on the image below to be taken to an interactive map provided by the CATO Institute. As an example, I am using my state, Colorado, which ranked 11th overall and ranked second as the most personal freedoms state. Both are great; however, economically, it ranks at #22.

freedom map

How did your state rank and are you happy with the results? If not, will you consider moving to a more free state? Please comment with your thoughts!


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