Double Amputee Veteran Bullied/Terrorized by #blacklivesmatter Thugs


Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Joey Jones, USMC EOD, had his life forever change on August 6, 2010 while serving a tour in Iraq. Jones stepped on and initiated an IED losing both of his legs above the knee and severely damaging his right forearm and both wrists. For the next two years he went through a grueling recovery process at the Walter Redd National Military Medical Center in Washington D.C. Jones recently decided to say he’d stand for the flag after Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem to impress the #blacklivesmatter crowd:

ScreenHunter_1418 Aug. 28 01.00

In case you were unaware, during a preseason football game between the Packers and 49ers, Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem to protest police brutality and black oppression. Kaepernick is a black quarterback that has a $110,000,000 million dollar contact. Jones decided to tweet to Kaepernick to tell him he’d stand for the flag, though Jones lost both his legs after stepping on an IED.

What Happened Next?

Jones was bullied, mocked, and terrorized by hateful #blacklivesmatter racists. #blacklivesmatter racists mocked Jones for losing his legs, some wished he died, others said they wished his legs would rust. Here is a collection of some of the comments, so that the world knows who the real racists are, and I hate to tell you, it’s not White people, it’s #blacklivesmatter:

ScreenHunter_1417 Aug. 28 00.50
ScreenHunter_1415 Aug. 28 00.49
ScreenHunter_1414 Aug. 28 00.48
ScreenHunter_1413 Aug. 28 00.44
ScreenHunter_1412 Aug. 28 00.43

Did you happen to notice what race a majority of the commenters are? The same racial division occurred in NFL Player’s responses to the incidents. A majority of white players posted pro military messages, while several black players like Tiki Barber, posted their support for Kaepernick. Pardon me for speaking the truth, but there is an obviously problem in America with black culture.

One thing is obvious to me in America, and that’s the effects of being raised in a single parent household with no father to give you discipline. I can see the effects of having a good father figure in your life. Jones could of responded to these horrific comments negatively, but instead, Jones responded with grace. He could of gave into the temptation and fired back at them, but he responded politely and courteously to each person harassing him. I know there’s one father that has to be proud of his son, we can call him Mr Jones.

You can read Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Joey Jone’s biography on his website by Clicking This Link!


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Glen Wilkerson

I pray that Karma, in the form of a fist sized nickle-iron meteorite travelling at 25,000 miles an hour, find the pointy little heads of every member of BLACK LIVES MATTER, all of their SUPPORTERS, and all of their FINANCIERS.