Disgusting Pic Surfaces Of Hijab-Wearing Olympian Exposes How She Really Feels

Perhaps if individuals such as Muhammad who claim to be moderate Muslims would conduct themselves like decent human beings, our attitudes towards American Muslims in country would change.


As the liberal love affair with Muslim olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad continues, disturbing facts are beginning to surface about this woman’s extremist views. One would hope that the athletes representing America would love the country they’re representing in the Olympics, but disturbingly, it appears as though this Muslim extremist hates everything that our country stands for.

Several days ago, Mad World News exposed this woman’s blatant hatred for the Jewish people, and her equally troubling love for the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter. But those two revelations are child’s play compared to what just surfaced about this woman who wants the world to believe she’s just a sweet moderate little Muslim, who’s continually discriminated by Americans because of her faith.

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While Muhammad wants to whine about the perceived mistreatment of Muslims in America because of their religion, Muslim extremists continue to slaughter countless Christians around the world by terrorists who follow her same religion. While Muhammad complains about living in fear of anti-Muslim sentiment in America, it looks like she sides with the very same extremists who are responsible for instilling that very same fear and resentment that many hold against Muslims. Posing with her friend dressed in complete black Islamic garb, this disturbing image just surfaced of Muhammad mocking Christians and Jews who have been beheaded by Islamic terrorists.

It’s utterly vile that this woman wants to use her 15 minutes of fame to gripe about America’s “Islamophobia problem,” but at the same time she thinks it’s perfectly okay to mock every victim who has perished following the very same radical religion that she practices. Perhaps if individuals such as Muhammad who claim to be moderate Muslims would conduct themselves like decent human beings, our attitudes towards American Muslims in country would change.

But this woman’s disturbing antics only drive home the point why most Americans lump Muslims into the same category— because there is really no freaking difference. Those that follow the Quran and Mohammad’s teachings all believe that infidels should perish by the sword of Islam, and that the only way to paradise is by following the psychotic and violent teachings of their prophet. So naturally, a “moderate Muslim” such as Ibtihaj Muhammad would celebrate the violent feats that Muslim terrorists continue to carry out in the name of Allah, because they all follow the same radical religion.

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