DEVELOPING: European Country Seeks To Legalize Gun Ownership


Due to the increase of terrorist fighters and Muslim refugees invading Europe, many European countries have seen an increase in terrorist attacks over the past several years. Although many countries have a strict ban on self-defense and the ownership of guns, this country seeks to change that status quo for the sake of its citizens.

Most European countries have a strict monopoly on gun ownership. However, there is one country where owning a gun is popular and legally obtainable, the Czech Republic.

While a permit to carry a gun in public can be obtained in the Czech Republic, it is nearly impossible to fulfill the permit process and actually get a license to carry a weapon in public. The president, Miloš Zeman, hopes to change this by passing a new law allowing citizens to obtain a permit for the sole purpose of self-defense. This new law would be unheard of in many other European countries.

InfoWars reports on this development:

Czech President Miloš Zeman has completely reversed his stance on gun control in light of the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, calling for a new law that would allow citizens to be armed to defend themselves against jihadists.

Having previously been against private gun ownership, Zeman now says “citizens should arm themselves” to deal with the threat of terrorism.

“Earlier I spoke often about limiting the ability to have large quantities of weapons. But after the terrorist attacks, I have changed the idea,” Zeman told

Zeman also called for a fence to be built along the country’s border “if there were a large inflow of illegal migrants,” while also urging failed asylum seekers to be deported more quickly.

“Condemning terror attacks is easy, the only solution is doing away with the causes,” said Zeman.

People in other countries are beginning to demand their right to protect themselves also. They are beginning to regret letting their governments strip them of their right to self-defense.

This issue is important to many Americans as certain groups continue to push for more gun control and even the all-out ban of certain weapons. However, the growing concerns among Europeans should also weigh heavily on the minds of most Americans as we also will need to defend ourselves.

H/T [The Federalist Papers]


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