CORRUPTION: Clinton Under Investigation By IRS For “Pay To Play” Scandal


In a July 15th letter, 64 members of the House of Representatives signed a letter addressed to the IRS, FBI and Federal Trade Commission charging that recently discovered information about the Clinton Foundation’s portray a lawless “Pay to Play” enterprise.

The letter claims that the former US President, Bill Clinton, served as an honorary Chancellor for Laureate International Universities where he received over $16.5 million dollars in the course of 5 years. In addition to this extremely large wage, the Laureate has been a “seven-figure donor” to the Clinton Foundation and also made five donations to the Clinton Global Initiative, another worldwide charitable foundation.

Douglas Becker, the founder of Laureate International Universities, received over $55 million is USAID grants during the time Hillary Clinton served in the State department suggesting that Becker was receiving kickbacks of taxpayer money in return for the large campaign contributions.

During her time as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was one of the officials who approved the sale of 20% of the uranium production in the United States to a Russian company called Uranium One. The chairman of Uranium One donated $2.35 million dollars to the Foundation through several donations, which “the Foundation failed to report”.

The letter also states that, “The intersection of Foundation business, official action taken by Secretary Clinton and a large payment to President Clinton from an interested party once again smacks of a ‘Pay to Play’ pattern.”

It concludes by asserting that the Foundation’s actions can no longer be ignored and requests that each agency investigates the allegations outlined in the letter.


While Hillary continues to ignore these allegations, it seems that our representatives are starting to take notice of the insurmountable evidence being released through leaks and social media. However, it should be important to take a brief look at one of the investigating departments listed in this letter, the IRS.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen referred the congressional charges of corrupt Clinton Foundation activities to the “Exempt Organizations Program” in Dallas, Tx. This division of the IRS is responsible for regulating the operations of public foundations and charities and might be an attempt to hinder the IRS investigation into the Foundation.

Public corruption undermines the integrity of representative government and institutions associated with elected or public officials.

In June of 2014, Koskinen informed Congress that 30,000 emails from the account of Lois Lerner had been lost. It later came to light that Koskinen had known about the lost emails in April and had waited until the information was disclosed in a court case to notify Congress. Koskinen stated, “We confirmed that backup tapes from 2011 no longer existed because they have been recycled, pursuant to the IRS normal policy.” In September of that same year, the Treasury Department Inspector General reported that it had found 760 tapes from which it had later recovered Lerner’s emails.

In the immediate backlash of the Lois Lerner scandal, many sought to impeach Koskinen accusing him of failing to prevent the destruction of evidence in allowing the erasure of back-up tapes containing thousands of e-mails written by Lerner, and of making false statements under oath to Congress.

We can easily see that Koskinen was under fire for the deletion of emails only a few years ago and is now in charge of investing Hillary Clinton who is also under fire for the deletion of emails. This is a clear case of the criminals investigating each other. Will our elected officials ever realize that the corruption is too expansive to allow for a non-biased investigation? For the sake of America, we must hope they do.


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