Clinton Insider Rocks Hillary Campaign, Reveals What Bill Was Caught Doing in Remote CA


Time and time again Hillary has contradicted herself, but now she takes it to a whole new level. Her attacks on Trump for his desire to build a border wall have become well known and ridiculous. Hillary basically demands that he STOP pushing it and start “talking about the important issues.”

In an ironic twist, many are remembering a time when her husband proposed and implemented a border “fence” between California and Mexico back in 1993 and Hillary FULLY and STAUNCHLY supported that move!

Per Conservative Tribune: 

Former Clinton staffer Dick Morris reminded Americans recently — because the mainstream media certainly will not — that former President Bill Clinton built a 325-mile fence along the border between California and Mexico in 1993 with Hillary Clinton’s “strong support.”

In 2005, then-Sen. Clitnon said she was against illegal immigration and suggested the U.S. needed to come up with a system that keeps track of them. In 2006, she joined Senate Republicans and Democrats and voted for the “Secure Fence Act of 2006.” In 2008, when she ran against then-Sen. Barack Obama for her party’s nomination, she had some rather interesting things to say about the border, they sounded surprisingly unlike her more recent rhetoric.

Early on in 2016 Hillary was forced to admit to the fact that she has often discussed the need for a “barrier” to protect from illegal immigration.

This next video goes a bit more in depth into the Clinton Hypocrisy:

It is truly amazing how so many forget the truths about the Clintons, and yet it’s right in front of us. Regardless of you political stance it must be obvious that as a person Hillary is no good. Let’s hope that her ability to sway the sheeple is almost at an end.

H/T [ Conservative Trib ]


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