BREAKING: Process Attorney In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Just Found DEAD


The list of dead people in connection with Hillary Clinton continues to grow longer. On Tuesday morning, an attorney working on the Democratic National Committee fraud case was found dead at his home in his bed.

Shawn Lucas was a process attorney working on the DNC fraud case in Florida. There is not much known about his cause of death, but the rumors are that he died in his sleep or committed suicide. However, people who knew him are suspecting something much sinister.

Many who are not connected with Shawn have been speculating on this Reddit thread. Other than a few Facebook and Twitter posts, nothing else can be confirmed about his cause of death. The only verifiable information at this point is that Shawn did in fact leave this world.


Shawn is only the latest in a long series of mysterious deaths connected with Hillary Clinton. Last Monday, a reporter for the American Free Press, Victor Thorn, was also found dead near his home of an “apparent suicide”. The writer was actively researching Clinton according to the article, “AFP investigative reporter, prominent Clinton researcher, and prolific author Victor Thorn was found dead, the apparent victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

I have heard rumors that Victor had attempted to leak a top secret and damaging email on Saturday, which was promptly blocked by Google search results. He then attempted to release it again on Monday morning only to be found dead later that day. Although his death has been ruled a suicide, many who knew him say it is not possible that he would take his own life.

Arkancide: The favored method of getting rid of political enemies in the state of Arkansas. When the medical examiners explain away two bodies filled with bullets as a case of suicide, it’s obvious they caught a case of arkancide.

Other mysterious deaths connected with the Clintons have been documented in many articles. There is an entire site dedicated to the topic and a word has been created for the odd phenomenon.



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8 Comments on "BREAKING: Process Attorney In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Just Found DEAD"

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Corrupt Slut


i actually know him very well for almost 20 years and no, i don’t suspect foul play at all. and he was not an attorney.

John Smith

Your $0.15 has been deposited, Correct the Record shill.

John Rice Mercier

Let me guess, he shot himself in the back of the head in a obscure WDC park. Yeah, that happens to people who know the Clintons.


Yes the guy that delivered the court documents, he’s the lynch pin to everything against the Clinton’s. Some fine police work there Lou. I’m guessing now you are going to tell me Chemtrail’s are real, vaccines cause autism, and that Obama was born in Kenya.


2 more dead after speaking out about the Clinton’s and their ways of screwing over America. The list keeps growing.


support clinton and u get promoted, go against them u end up dead, funny isnt it, but the sheeps wont know the difference .

mari brenner
WITCH “HIT LIST” 2015 – 2016 1) 3/3/16 – ASSASSINATION OF BERTA CACERES. HIT LIST FROM 2009. KILLARY IS LYING ABOUT CRIMINAL U.S. BACKED COUP IN HONDURAS – CACERES RECENTLY MURDERED WHEN MURDERING WITCH WAS QUESTIONED?? 2) JULY 2016 – U.N. PRESIDENT ASHE FOUND DEAD – WAS TO TESTIFY AGAINST KILLARY 3) 7/8/16 – MOLLY MACAULEY, ECONOMIST & THINK-TANK OFFICIAL CLIMATE CHANGE More recently, Heatstreet lists professor Molly Macauley, a prominent economist & senior think-tank official associated with climate change and other left-wing economic concerns, “was stabbed to death by a mysterious assailant Friday night, July… Read more »