BREAKING: New Intel Reveals Hillary Clinton’s Hit Team Assassinated DNC Staffer

NEW YORK - MARCH 10: Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to the media after keynoting a Women's Empowerment Event at the United Nations on March 10, 2015 in New York City. Clinton answered questions about recent allegations of an improperly used email account during her tenure as Secretary of State. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

A grim report circulating in the Kremlin says that a top Democratic Party staffer preparing to testify against Hillary Clinton was assassinated during a secret meeting. The report describes Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who is believed to be the source of the email leaks released by Wikileaks.

A Foreign Intelligence Report (SVR) declares that a team of “electronic specialists” performing counter-intelligence operations noted on July 7th an enormous surge of internet and telephone traffic between the DNC and the Clinton Foundation offices in New York City. After investigating the unlikely increase of communications between these separate organizations, SVR analysts determined that the origin of the link came from a 27-year-old DNC staffer named Seth Rich.

Fearing that the life of Rich was in danger, SVR Director Mikhail Fradkov authorized an emergency contact between his agency and the US State Department, but when Russian diplomats presented the SVR findings to the US authorities on July 7, they were immediately expelled from the United States. Less than 72 hours later, Seth Rich had been gunned down in Washington DC at 4:19 am on July 10th.

The report issued by the SVR suggests that Rich was enticed to his murder by a Clinton “hit team” who portrayed themselves as FBI agents wanting to secretly interview him. The report also claims that they know these facts because the “hit team” was captured on July 12th after a shootout with the US Federal Police forces just blocks from the White House.

Clinton “hit team” captured by US federal police forces on 12 July 2016
Clinton “hit team” captured by US federal police forces on 12 July 2016

The SVR intelligence analysts contributing to this report speculate that the assassination of Seth Rich ordered by the Clintons has enraged FBI Director James Comey. It also suggests that Comey had no choice but to let Clinton walk free from her many crimes because of his own previous involvements with the Clinton Foundation. Comey was the director of the notorious HSBC bank that has funneled hundreds-of-millions of dollars to the Clintons through their foundation.

The source of this story is questionable. It is a Russian intelligence report and clearly there may be an agenda to plant disinformation. However, the narrative agrees with the pattern of criminality associated with the Clintons and just as the suggested cause of Seth Rich’s murder was immediately discounted as “conspiracy theory” and later proved to be true, I wouldn’t be surprised if this report is exactly how things went down.

H/T [Before Its News]


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Greg Hakala

This is a Sorcha Faal/David Booth/Whatdoesitmean piece of disinfo used to discredit a blogger . Do a google search for Sorcha Faal and you’ll see many sites have detailed history on the subject. Here’s an example…

Furious Admin

Hey I had a question, I know who sorcha faal is she’s a hoaxer that writes bogus news but when I clicked on the source of this article I found no mention of her, where are you seeing her in reference to this article?

Son of a son of a sailor
Son of a son of a sailor

That photo is of D. C. city cops, not “US Federal Police forces”.


How did you access this report? Where is it? Why no direct quotes?