BREAKING: DISNEYLAND EVACUATED – Police Armed With Assault Rifles Everywhere


Shortly after 8 p.m. local time in Paris Disneyland, what started off as a “high alert” ended up becoming an emergency evacuation situation when a suspicious package was found at a nearby railway station. Reports say that soldiers and police were armed with assault rifles and were everywhere. Hundreds of armed officers were seen flooding the area which is about 20 miles from the center of the French capital. Main train station at Euro Disneyland, Paris, France. (Photo by: MyLoupe/UIG via Getty Images)

The suspicious package was located near the Marne-la-Valle train station, which is just a couple of feet away from the popular theme park. France has been on high alert after receiving threats from Al-Qaeda and ISIS stating that Disneyland is one of their prime targets. Buses packed with theme park-goers were being redirected away from the attraction while soldiers swarmed the area. The railway station has since been cordoned off. “I just left Disneyland Paris on a very crowded bus after being redirected by soldiers (w/assault rifles) awray from the bus station,” said one patron.

Marne-de-la-Vallee-Chessy Station, France

Disneyland Paris gets about 14 million visitors each year, but has had a 9 percent drop in revenue due do to the heightened rate of terror attacks in Europe recently. France has been in a state of emergency ever since the Paris attacks last November, and the more recent Nice attack on Bastille Day.

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