BREAKING: 23 DEAD in Latest Terror Attack, Here’s Who They Were Targeting


Only one day after the U.S. launches a bombing campaign against ISIS in their Libyan HQ in Sirte, news breaks that 23 are dead and dozens are severely injured when a CAR BOMB targeting SECURITY FORCES explodes. Officials said bodies were still being transported to the hospital in the wake of the bombing Tuesday evening in the al-Qawarsha district. Brig. Gen Khalifa Hifter and his forces and Islamic Miitants have been waging battles in and around Benghazi of epic proportions for the past two years.

AFF reports:

A coalition of Islamist militias called the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries, which includes the Al Qaeda affiliate known as Ansar al-Shariah, claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in a statement posted on its Twitter account, which has since been suspended.

It’s ironic that the very area that our men were attacked in by radical groups of Islamic Terror supporters is the scene for such conflict still to this day even though MANY Democrats, including Hillary, still swear that it was in cycle of peaceful existence and they had NO indication that an attack was neither imminent nor possible. Makes one wonder.

H/T [ Fox News , AFF ]


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