[VIDEO] #BlackLivesMatter Rioter Calls for Genocide of Whites While Threatening Police


Obama’s racist, terrorist, army is at it again. In a continuation of this weekend’s Milwaukee riot fest, #BlackLivesMatter thugs took to the streets again taunting police with their vile vomit spewing from their loud pie holes.

Heard in the video below are two distinct comments captured for the world to see. Evidence that BLM is not only a terrorist organization but a racist one. The very group that Obama praises and supports. The very group that mentally ill progressives embrace, including the white ones.

“We are done with that justice for peace shit, we want blood.”

“We cannot cohabitate with white people anymore, one of us has to go, black or white!.”

There have been numerous videos making the rounds of some of these entitled BLM’ers demanding that whitie give them more free shit, while others just scream like wild animals that whites are the cause of ALL their problems. Assholes.

Obama’s America. Watch the full disgusting video of ignorant terrorists below. Meanwhile, Obama hits the golf course. You know, that white privileged sport that has ruled his presidency.

To end on a high note, let us give huge applause for those men and women in blue, of white and dark skin, remaining so composed, strong and steady while having these terrorist, racist, thugs all up in their faces.


We at Fury News proudly support the men and women in BLUE!



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macho dog
This is what obama has wanted…to peg the blacks against the whites to start a race war. People seem to think that’s so that he can declare martial law. I don’t know what his intention is. It may just be narcissism or just an other way to embarrass the US. I don’t know. What I do know is that this race war is coming. White people who were never racist are becoming that way which signifies that there will probably be a race war. Blacks are also threatening to wreak chaos if Trump wins and there will be many dead… Read more »