4 People Standing On Rural Road, Hillary Will Panic When She Realizes Why

The liberal media is desperately trying to cover this up!


The liberal media would love for everyone to believe that their crooked queen is leading in the polls, but a shocking picture surfacing from Pennsylvania is painting an entirely different picture, and has the Democratic Party in a panic. It was  recently revealed that Hillary Clinton has had to pay people to attend her events, and even The Hill was recently busted for photoshopping a picture to make the audience at her recent rally appear larger. But what just happened in Scranton, Pennsylvania is something that the liberal media was completely unable to hide, and they’re scrambling to cover up.

With all the liberal media’s hysteria lately at Hillary supposedly leading in the polls, you would expect for the streets to be lined with excited Hillary fans wherever she goes. But when the Democratic nominee stopped over in Scranton for her latest speaking event, no one could be seen for miles and miles, except for a shocking four people.  The picture was shared by local WBRE reporter Andy Mehalshick, where it immediately began to go viral, after it was retweeted by a pro-Trump group in Pennsylvania.

But shockingly, this isn’t the first time Hillary has struggled to draw in a crowd. During her campaign this past Monday in Kissimee, only 150 showed up, half of which were her lapdog media.

Contrast that with Trump’s ability to draw massive crowds wherever he goes, and you can clearly see that the liberal media’s assertion that Hillary is leading Trump is complete rhetoric. Trump recently called out the media over their lies, by comparing his crowds to Hillary’s in a recent tweet.

It’s pretty pathetic that Hillary is losing so badly, that she has to pay for fake supporters and have her biased media photoshop photos to make it appear as though she’s beating Trump. It’s completely obvious that the liberal media is doing everything they can to discourage Trump supporters from showing up to vote this fall.  Just remember that the liberal media has an agenda, and will continue to shamelessly lie in order to conceal the truth.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]




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Robert Oswald Dawes

Apparently the DEMs don’t want Hilary to be President. But they think she stands a better chance than Bernie against Donald. They want to win at all costs. The plan is Hilary takes over from Obama, She resigns after a few months due health and then Obama steps in as VP so effectively we have another Obama admin