Watch: Reporter Makes Mistake of Asking Protesters “Why Are You Blocking the Road?”


This video truly confuses me. A large group of angry BLM protesters are blocking the road, attempting to make a point and gain attention for their cause, but when a white reporter approaches them and gives them attention, they completely fly off the handle. “Why are you blocking the road?” the reporter asks, as he places the microphone in front of one woman. “WHY THE F*CK ARE YOU HERE??” the woman snaps back. This could have been a great opportunity for the woman to voice her frustrations in a coherent way, and possibly start some sort of intelligent argument, but instead she lashes out in anger and verbally berates the man who seemed to genuinely want to get answers.

Things like this make me really wonder if they know what they are fighting for, or if they are just acting out on misguided anger. It would be much more efficient to take a more peaceful stance if they truly want things to change. If the police force is so bad, why don’t they sign up for it and make an active attempt to change it? More hate is just going to give birth to more hate. Is it really worth the effort to spew anger and violence to attempt to change things? In the words of the great MLK, “GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE, GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE!”



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6 Comments on "Watch: Reporter Makes Mistake of Asking Protesters “Why Are You Blocking the Road?”"

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Dave In Arizona

Apparently, some of the protesters don’t even know what’s going on.

chanlap chung

They don’t have jobs so it’s something to do to pass the time and act (?) like jacasses.

Ben Garrison

Why do n*gg*rs always repeat themselves over and over?

Wynn Ray

this happens alot to fox news reporters.


Maybe the police should just go home and have a beer and let the citizens take care of this riffraff one round at a time. They don’t deserve the media coverage they get. We can clear the roads with a few mags. These terrorists need to be dealt with swiftly and surely.

American Infidel

So most don’t KNOW why they’re there. Most are there just to act (?) the fool and have an excuse to act violently. Some well placed belt fed .50cal machine guns would break up those low life, bottom dwelling, scum sucking piss poor excuses for human beings real quick.