WARNING: DAY OF RAGE #BlackLivesMatter Protests Set for Friday in These 37 US Cities


This coming Friday, the group that should be labeled a domestic terror organization is planning a “day of rage” all across the United States in 37 cities. As black lives leaders continue to call for the massacre of police officers, it’s a good idea to know where their protests will take place in order to stay far far away.

rageHere’s The Location of the Protests: 

Phoenix: 5:00PM (EASTLAKE PARK, 1549 E Jefferson St , Phoenix, AZ 85034)

Tuscon: 5:00PM (CATALINA PARK, 900 N 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705)

Little Rock: 6:00PM (OUTSIDE STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, Dr Martin Luther King Jr Dr., Little Rock, AR 72201)

San Francisco: 4:00PM (CIVIC CENTER PLAZA, 355 Mcallister St, San Francisco, California 94102)

Oakland: 4:00PM (FRANK OGAWA PLAZA, 1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612)

Los Angeles: 4:00PM (LEIMERT PLAZA PARK, 4395 Leimert Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90008)

Denver: 5:00PM (CIVIC CENTER PARK, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, Colorado 80204)

Washington DC: 7:00PM (OUTSIDE WHITE HOUSE, 1600 PennsylvaniaAve NW, Washington, DC 20500)

Atlanta: 7:00PM (OLD DECATUR COURTHOUSE, 101 E Court Sq, Decatur, GA 30030)


Orlando: 7:00PM (LAKE EOLA PARK, 195 N Rosalind Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801)

Miami: 7:00PM (GWEN CHERRY PARK, NW 71 St., Miami, Florida, 33147)

Chicago: 6:00PM (RICHARD J DALEY CENTER, 50 W Washington St, Chicago, Illinois 60602)

Des Moines: 6:00PM (IOWA STATE CAPITOL, 1007 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50319)

New Orleans: 6:00PM (LAFAYETTE SQUARE, New Orleans, LA 70130)

Baltimore: 7:00PM (201 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202)

Boston: 7:00PM (MASSACHUSETTS STATE HOUSE, 24 Beacon St, Boston, MA 01233)

Detroit: 7:00PM (Campus Martius Park, Detroit, Michigan 48226)

Lansing: 7:00PM (STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, Capitol Avenue at Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933)

Ann Arbor: 7:00PM (THE DIAG, Burns Park, Ann Arbor, MI 48109)

Minneapolis: 6:00PM (MINNEAPOLIS URBAN LEAGUE, 2100 Plymouth Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

St. Louis: 6:00PM (GATEWAY ARCH, St. Louis 63102)

Carson City: 4:00PM (NEVADA STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, 101 N Carson St, Carson City, Nevada 89701)

Manhattan, NY: 7:00PM (TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan, NY, 10036)

Newark: 7:00PM (NEWARK CITY HALL, 920 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102)

Durham: 7:00PM (200 E. Main St. Durham, North Carolina)

Columbus: 7:00PM (GOODALE PARK, Columbus, Ohio 43215)

Cleveland: 7:00PM (CLEVELAND PUBLIC LIBRARY, 325 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, Ohio 44114)

Portland: 4:00PM (PIONEER COURTHOUSE SQUARE, 701 SW 6th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97204)

Philadelphia: 7:00PM (LOVE PARK, 1599 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102)

Pittsburgh: 7:00PM (PITTSBURGH CITY-COUNTY BUILDING, 414 Grant St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219)

Nashville: 6:00PM (801 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203 Estes Kefauver Federal Building)

Memphis: 6:00PM (Health Sciences Park Memphis, TN)

Austin: 6:00PM (TEXAS STATE CAPITOL, Outside South Gate-11th and Congress Ave.)

Salt Lake City: 5:00PM (SALT LAKE CITY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, 4600 S Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, Utah 84123)

Seattle: 4:00PM (QUEEN ANNE BAPTIST CHURCH, 2011 1st Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109)

Milwaukee: 5:00PM (DINEEN PARK, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Anonymous released the following message on Saturday:

Let’s continue to pray for peace as our nation continues to be torn apart, thanks to Obama and his race-baiting sidekicks continuing to perpetuate this mess.

HT [The Gateway Pundit]


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Also there will be a protest in Erie, PA at Roar on the Shore the same day. There was on “activist” posting it on Facebook, but has now taking it down. Using the excuse to protest the City of Erie paying for Roar on the Shore but not schooling. His ignorance to the fact that the city does not fund this event. Every year the proceeds are donated to a charity and this year St.Martin’s Center. This event will inevitably lose business because of this.

Patty Patti

He took it down because people started posting that he is a vial BLM supporter, and even shared a screen shot of him saying nasty stuff about the police and that the police bleed just like we do and its time that they all stand up and take action


THIS IS FALSE! Stop the nonsense by NOT spreading these false stories thereby inciting riots yourselves!

News from Snopes.com:

Anonymous ‘Day of Rage’ Protests
A rumor that the hacktivist collective Anonymous has called for nationwide ‘Day of Rage’ protests on 15 July 2016 is identical to a false rumor circulated in 2014.

Furious Admin
You are as dumb as the day is long, a modern copy paster. You get your hands on that keyboard and you google search until you find a snopes article, then the libtard bell rings in your head. SNOPES SAID IT, IT MUST BE TRUE. Do you want me to start posting the multiple times I’ve caught Snopes completely lying to further the liberal agenda and embarrass your bottom feeding liberal ass right here on this comment thread? Snopes is not a fact checker you twit, their most famous writer came from the inquisitor, which isn’t exactly reputable. Get your… Read more »
Furious Admin

B-T-W you liberal sheep, that’s one of the official threads for anonymous. So I guess because that fat liberal heifer Decrapria claims she knows more about what anonymous does than anonymous does, we should take her word for it? Decrapria needs to get her ass on a treadmill, and stop publishing liberal propaganda.


You do know that SNOPES is NOT a reliable source for this kinda stuff…


I say tear gas, rubber bullets and handcuffs for anyone caught doing anything but peaceful protests.

Patty Patti

how about a water cannon added to that list


I agree

dont fall into the racism trap, we all are being killed, and a whole lot more are gonna die if you pull this nonsense protest, whites are being killed more than blacks so everyone cut this sh*t out before you all die, we are all of the same 2 parents long ago its a proven fact, dont let the gov get racial tensions going thats what they want so they can impose martial law and keep obummer in, he is the worst anti american president ever, dont fall for smoke and mirrors and let our country go to hell because… Read more »

Please protest and cause more problems so we can have a real reason to shoot you f*cktards!!!!

You should take the part were the cop said serg hes got a cop before the sergent shot him. And one the little girl was not her dad and he did not have a CCW and he had a gun by elegally means. Dont fall for it people. Unless you want marshall law and obama to stay president. Do you know what thay means you lose all of your fights he tells you when you can be out and when you have to be in. So go roit in the streets kill more people and cops and we will be… Read more »



I’ve tried to Rick Roll the people on this website twice, but since the webmaster thinks that’s so 10 years ago, he just keep editing my comments and removing it before the comment goes live. Man this webmaster sucks!