VIDEO: Media Tries To Bury Evidence After Girl In Walmart Is Brutally Assaulted for Being WHITE


Surveillance footage has surfaced of a young black man, pacing up and down the isles of a Walmart in Fort Smith, carrying an aluminum baseball bat. The man finally stops behind a young 18-year-old female who is browsing for CDs, and without warning or cause, swings the metal bat at her head and knocks her to the floor. The incident occurred on June 15, and shows Corey Mosley getting a running start before striking Ashlyne Rogers in the head.

Corey Mosley was arrested at his home and is being held on $20,000 bond after pleading “not-guilty.” Police are still investigating the incident and are saying that Mosley has serious mental issues and was off of his medication. Mosley claims that he had just watched a movie where people were getting attacked with baseball bats, and he was inspired by it and wanted to try it out himself. Police reports indicate that Mosley admitted that it was gang-related and that the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Marcus Mosley, the assailant’s brother, said in a statement that “I don’t feel that he’s solely responsible for it because he’s off of his medication.” He went on to say “If my brother was here right now I would ask him why did you do that? I`m sure his answer wouldn`t be like mine and yours. He`s not all the way there.”

Of course, this story only garnered attention in the victim’s home town, and you won’t see this on national news because it won’t fit their narrative. If this situation happened the other way around, this would have definitely sparked national outrage and further fueled the ongoing race war.

H/T[5 News]


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