VIDEO: Hillary Wins Nomination, Everyone WALKS OUT As Soon As She Opens Her Mouth


Shortly after Hillary Clinton officially won the Democratic nomination, a mob of angry Sanders supporters and  BLM supporters decided they weren’t going to take the nonsense anymore and walked straight out of the building during her coronation speech. Hundreds of betrayed Sanders supporters, along with droves of reporters with cameras, piled out into the hallways on their way outside the building chanting, “this is what democracy looks like,” “this is our country,” and “We are the people.” Even the Black Lives Matter group on the other side of the arena, who have been supporting Hillary this whole time, decided that they would join in on the walk out.

When asked why the mob went straight for the media tent outside, one delegate said “the media is our last hope.” Several unruly Sanders supporters, donning full “Feel the Bern” garb, had to be escorted out of the building by security officers. One of the people escorted out vowed that she would “leave the Democratic party.”

CoVHv8wVYAIBn6UA wall of about a dozen police officers swiftly formed a blockade around the entrance of the building, prohibiting anyone, even the press, back inside. Mark Van Landuyt, a California delegate who described the protest as a “massive walkout,” said supporters had waited because they hoped they would be able to change the outcome of the process.

Sanders delegates have been wary of supporting Clinton, despite having their candidate of choice, Bernie himself, even calling for their support of Hillary. Some protesters told reporters that they were personally prepared to vote for Clinton, but wanted to make sure that they voiced their anger on the situation first.

H/T [Clash Daily]


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The Democrats are showing everyone that they don’t care about laws, they don’t care about the United States, they care about America. They aren’t even going to care about the election. They are going to annul any election results and simply take the White House, win or loose. The stupid GOP is just going to stand there and let them just like they did in 2012 when Obama lost, but they simply took it and The GOP just stood around and let them.