TERROR ATTACK: Car Loaded With Explosives RAMS Into Police Station


A police station in Sydney, Australia, which has been a well-known target for terror attacks, was smashed into by a devout Muslim man with a car full of explosives. The station reports that they have been receiving threatening letters accompanied by pictures of severed heads that warned of an impending attack on anyone who was not a Muslim. One devout Muslim followed through with the threats early this morning when he set himself on fire and made a “very deliberate attack” on the police station this morning.

australia-721The vehicle he was driving was packed to the brim with containers filled with gasoline, and was rammed directly into the side of the building. Luckily, even though the jihadi had set himself ablaze, the explosives failed to ignite, and the Muslim man had to take the “walk of shame” straight to the hospital.

3677426000000578-0-image-a-6_1469096741402The man, who is well known to police, supposedly has no known links to terrorism, and is currently being treated for his burns in the Westmead Hospital in Sydney. Local police have confirmed that there has been a perimeter established around the area and will remain in effect as a precaution until bomb disposal units examine the vehicle further.

A witness claims that several police squads and emergency crews  have surrounded the building and numerous people saw the man being carried away from the scene on a stretcher. Another witness claims that there was “a big bang, a big loud sound like someone screaming.” Police were yelling “get out of the car, get out of the car,” and then there were sounds of tasers being fired.

H/T[Freedom Outpost]


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