“Special” Little Room at DNC Holds a Dirty Little Secret

This is sick.


There have been reports of several curtained off areas at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). However, what these areas are being used for may surprise you. They are being labeled by the establishment as “interfaith prayer rooms,” but there seems to be concessions for only one religion and it isn’t Christianity.

On the first floor of the Wells Fargo center at the convention in Philadelphia, there are 4 areas sectioned off by blue curtains. The first room is completely empty and greets visitors with a simple message, “Interfaith Prayer Room.”

DCNF-DNC1Another room is also left empty, but the other two rooms contain items that show an affinity for Islam over any other religion. It is nice to see the Democrats honoring people of many religions. It says a great deal to their multicultural claims, but the fact that there are no crosses or statues of Buddha and Mary present articulates a different motive altogether.

The accommodations in this room afford a pleasant Islamic worship center complete with a sanitizing station and prayer rugs. The rugs are facing towards Mecca as is the Islamic custom and the hand washing station has been provided for the cleansing ritual needed before Islamic prayer.


downloadThese “interfaith prayer rooms” are surrounded by other similar roped off areas. One is labeled the “quiet and recovery” room while another is meant for breast feeding mothers. However, according to Rachel Stoltzfoos of the Daily Caller News, all of the areas were empty except for a few volunteers and an idle convention goer surfing her iPhone.

With the refusal of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton over the last year to label terrorist attacks as “radical Islamic terror”, I am not surprised to see Islam being promoted in this way at the DNC. I am sure most people do not care one way or the other if Muslims are given a special place. However, once you make concessions for a certain group of people and none for the others you are no longer allowed to claim equality and multiculturalism. I shall defer to the Democrat argument when addressing Christianity in schools or the ten commandments in a public square; there should be a separation of church and state. You cannot have it one way when it suits you and then demand that everyone else isn’t playing fair.

H/T [Daily Caller News]


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