[OUTRAGEOUS] – Firefighters Forced To Remove Flag For This INSANE Reason

Firefighters at the Sunnymead Ranch Station 48 in California were told they could not fly a flag on their engines for the most ridiculous reason.


What is this country coming to?  A group of firefighters in Riverside County, California, were told they couldn’t fly a special American flag. The group of firefighters wanted to show their support for Police after the Baton Rouge shooting where 3 officers were killed by a #blacklivesmatter terrorist. To show their support they decided to fly a flag that looks like the one seen below:


Eric Hille attached the flag to the back of one of the fire trucks at Sunnymead Ranch Station 48.

“We just wanted to show our support for law enforcement, We wanted them to know that we stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with them.” – Eric Hille

Sounds like a great thing to do right? Not in the liberal paradise known as Liberalafornia. The gesture apparently upset the local #blacklivesmatter terrorist sect, as people began complaining about the flag immediately. Eventually the soft skinned spineless fire chief John Hawkins decided to cave to the terrorists and remove the flag:

“Our foremost concern was whether the flag could create a safety risk for emergency responders due to extremists targeting the fire engine or for people following the fire engine and not being able to see the warning lights” – John Hawkins

In other-words, the fire chief ordered the flag to be removed from the engine due to extremist fears. That’s the country we now live in folks. You can’t even show your support of the countries legal system without worrying about being shot by #blacklivesmatter terrorists in retaliation. That must be what they call White Privilege.

H/T Fox News


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