BREAKING: Ohio Police Officer Hospitalized After Being Served A Sandwich Full of Glass Shards


The war on cops is real and alive in America today, and it is becoming increasingly more and more evident that members of the police force have targets on their back wherever they go. One officer learned the hard way that it isn’t even safe to grab a quick bite to eat, when his life was immediately put in danger after taking one bite from his lunch at a local restaurant.

A Columbus police officer was rushed to a hospital after biting into a sandwich that was full of glass shards shortly after 3 p.m. on Monday afternoon. The officer ordered the sandwich from a restaurant on East Long Street, but after taking one bite, he felt a grisly texture and heard a crunching sound. He knew exactly what had happened when he checked his mouth and realized it was full of blood.

The restaurant was shut down as assault squad investigators are conducting interviews. As of right now, it is unclear whether or not the incident was intentional, but really, with all the food safety measures that are in place at these types of establishments, it is unlikely that glass shards “accidentally” ended up in the officer’s food.

Columbus Public Health officials say they will be at the cafe today to investigate how this incident could have occurred. The officer was held overnight at Grant Medical Center, but is expected to make a full recovery. The officer’s identity, as well as the name of the restaurant are being withheld until the investigation has been completed. No charges have been filed yet in the case.



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3 Comments on "BREAKING: Ohio Police Officer Hospitalized After Being Served A Sandwich Full of Glass Shards"

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This was NO accident! This was planned attack on our police by either BLM or mozlim rats. The instigator MUST be charged with attempted murder and sentenced accordingly. Nothing less that total life in jail will suffice. No bail, no parole. He or she MUST stay in jail in high security until they are carried out in a box. This is such a cowardly attack and the hardest response in needed.


I assume you meant to say “gritty” rather than grisly

It’s sad, people are making things worse on themselves. hurting innocent officers just because of rare incidents. If they only realized they are making officers less trust worthy, they are setting the state for the good ones to leave to other careers because they want to be alive and healthy for their families. You know who will be left, trigger happy and paranoid officers who don’t really give a damn about you but take the job for the high pay they will be having to take for such a hazardous job. But yeah, go ahead and protest. Block traffic, hurt… Read more »