Officer Suffers Serious Injuries After Crazed Suspect Launches Brutal Attack On Police Station


As things were just starting to wind down near where the Republican National Convention was taking place, an alleged targeted attack on police occurred on Friday near Cleveland. An unidentified suspect crashed their car into several police cruisers in the police department’s parking lot before ramming into another police car with a cop sitting inside. The officer was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition.

According to a Cuyahoga Falls Facebook post: “The vehicle entered the parking lot and crashed into several vehicles. The vehicle later was involved in a crash on Broad Blvd with a police vehicle. The officer was taken to an area hospital where he was admitted. The incident is still under investigation. We ask that the public keep the officers family in their thoughts as he recovers and respects their privacy. Thank you for all your concerns and we will update more as facts are verified through the investigation.”13820497_158410244581480_2116607029_n

WKYC is reporting that the suspect crossed lanes intentionally and hit the police cruiser on purpose. The vehicle struck several police cars before fleeing the scene. Police say officers began to pursue the suspect’s vehicle and during the pursuit, the suspect crossed over into the same lane as the officer and purposefully struck the patrol car. The suspect and the officer were both hospitalized. The suspect has not been charged yet.


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