DISGUSTING: “Moderate” Muslim Explains Why Pedophilia is Normal and Acceptable


I don’t understand why people only attribute the violent and perverse deeds of Muslims to the “radical” Islamists when it is perfectly clear that ALL of them base their beliefs off of a foundation of twisted principles. A perfect example of this took place on Twitter the other day between an American “infidel” and a “moderate” Muslim woman. The woman who goes by the Twitter handle of @Naddzy2012 argued that a 9-year-old’s vagina is DESIGNED for sex. When another Twitter user argued with her bizarre statement, she only continued to spout disgusting nonsense.


This just goes to show that “radical Islam” is nothing more than “traditional Islam” and if they follow the Quaran, they absolutely believe that having sex with a child is perfectly acceptable. This is sick and perverse and it has no place in our Western CIVILIZED world.


H/T[Joe of America]


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This is how perverts and deviants are made.