Just In Time For the BOURNE Release, Matt Damon Goes Full COMMIE ON GUNS


July 29, 2016, the newest chapter of the Bourne movies comes out. Matt Damon is back in his role as Jason Bourne, a CIA assassin, after taking a break from the series. If you do not know anything about the movies, I will say this. It involves guns and shooting people. And more guns. And a shitload of guns. Often in the hands of Matt Damon, aka Jason Bourne.

However, die-hard leftist, Matt Damon has made a public announcement that SHOULD affect his bank account and the profits of his movies. Self-righteous, d-bag Damon, held a press conference in Australia to stand on his high leftist platform and make a fool of himself by calling for the confiscation of all guns in the United States.

“You guys did it here in one fell swoop [in 1996] and I wish that could happen in my country, but it’s such a personal issue for people that we cannot talk about it sensibly.” 

He went on to say that “people get too “emotional” when it comes to “not selling AK47s to people on terror watch lists.”

First off. Who the hell is legally selling AK47s to people on terror watch lists? Does he even realize what the f*ck he said? Second, that is not even the issue people are having. He fails to comprehend the basic issue most have – there is no real rule on who gets put on a terror watch list. Go here to read more on that. There is nothing Damon could do or say or feel or think that could get him on any damn government list and instead of attempting to understand what is going on, he rides the leftist anti-American train.

matt damon

Any ladies or even men who either have the hots for him or are huge fans, stop it. Just stop it. This leftist hates America and the very protection that the Constitution holds for all of us. To listen to his interview, click play on the video below.

Why does what this celebrity say matter? Because we have vast amounts of idiots in this country who look up to celebrities and hang on every damn word they say! These celebrities have huge sway over our political environment and the choices people make in the voting booths. Propaganda? Absolutely. It has always been this way in ultra-liberal/progressive Hollywood. So, does it matter what they say? Hell yes it does.

Why, with his vast amount of wealth, he choses to remain in the United States, with the Constitution as the ruling law of the land (or should be), is only explainable because he knows this is where the money is. Just like most leftists, only certain parts of the Constitution are important. The 2nd has been removed in their world. By the way, Damon is known to have armed bodyguards. Not that I wish harm on him, but people with his mindset usually end up being victims to the very thing they hate and fight against.

Will YOU still go watch this movie when it comes out?


H/T PJMedia


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