EVIL: Who is Mohamed Bouhlel? 5 Facts About Nice Terrorist Who Left 84 Dead

Here's what we know so far about the psycho who rammed his vehicle into citizens who had gathered to celebrate Bastille Day.


The terror attack that rocked Nice, France yesterday is being labeled one of the bloodiest of all time, leaving 84 dead and approximately 100 others injured. While details about Mohamed Bouhlel is still emerging at this point, here’s what we know so far about the psycho who rammed his vehicle into citizens who had gathered to celebrate Bastille Day.
French police forces and forensic officers stand next to the truck

1. Mohammad Bouhlel Was Known to Authorities

Mohammad Bouhel was identified by police as a 31-year-old Tunesian immigrant, after his ID was found in the truck. He was known in the area to authorities, having connections with crimes such as violence and theft. He appeared in court back in March, where he was found guilty of violent conduct. Boulhel worked as a delivery driver in Nice, but the vehicle he used in the attack was a rented truck. Boulhel opened fire before authorities shot him dead. Although he was guilty of common crimes, he was currently not on a watch list of French intelligence agencies.

2. ISIS Claimed Responsibility

It didn’t take long before the Islamic State came forward claiming responsibility for the bloody attack, celebrating on twitter. ISIS said the attack was in “retaliation for the death of Abu Omar al-Shishani—the terror group’s so-called ‘minister of war.'”

3. Americans Were Killed in the Bloody Attack

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.15.56 PM

Among the deceased were two Americans, Brodie Copeland and Sean Copeland. Brodie was an 11-year-old child, and was run over along with this father.

Police check a car

4. It Appears as Though it Was a Planned Attack

Following the bloody event, authorities searched the truck and found guns and ammunition in the back, suggesting that the rampage was a premeditated attack. A police source said the truck “changed route at least once” as it ploughed through crowds.

A man sits with a victim on the seafront

“People went down like nine-pins,” one witness named Jacques recalled, who runs Le Queenie restaurant on the seafront, told France Info radio.

It’s not clear yet if Bouhlel had accomplices at this point. As Mirror UK reported:

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said authorities are working to identify the terrorist – and determine whether or not he had help.
A man cordons off the area on the seafront

He told reporters: “I’d like to say a word about the investigation, not to reveal any details but to say that we are fighting this with all the means the state has to identify the suspect. The identification process is ongoing.

“We will firstly determine if he had help from accomplices or not. And this information is to be shared by the public prosecutor according to what will be verified for sure, to prevent rumours or false information to be carried out.”

5. The Killer Screamed the Typical Muslim War Cry as He Mowed People Over 

Witnesses say Mohamed Bouhlel was yelling Allahu Akbar, as he mowed people over, and then began shooting at people until authorities arrived. One witness said the Muslim madman “clearly sought to make maximum casualties.”

“We almost died. It was like hallucinating … (the lorry) zigzagged – you had no idea where it was going.”

Moment police attempt to stop truck in Nice
Moment police attempt to stop truck in Nice

Here is graphic footage of the event that was just released:

Horrible. Our thoughts and prayers go out to France, and the families of the victims.

H/T [Mirror UK]


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