[KARMA] – Cafe Joint That Put Glass in Cop’s Sandwich Gets Worst News Possible

A Columbus Cafe that served a Police Officer a Sandwich filled with glass just got some terrible news.


Officer Quoc Nguyen of Columbus’ 15th Precinct got a nasty surprise when he bit into his sandwich that he ordered from the Lincoln Cafe. Nguyen felt a gritty texture in his food as soon as he bit into it and felt something was wrong. His suspicions were confirmed when his mouth started bleeding profusely. After examining his sandwich, Nguyen noticed it was filled with glass. Nguyen was rushed to the Grant Medical Center where he was held overnight due to the extent of his injuries.

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Now as the officer recovers the Cafe where the incident took place is dealing with some terrible news. The Health Department has decided to keep the Cafe closed as they investigate it for safety violations. The police believe the incident wasn’t intentional, so now the Cafe needs to be thoroughly investigated so that this incident does not occur again:

“Detectives said at this point in the investigation, there is no reason to believe it was intentional, However, Lincoln Cafe operations manager Leon Lewis said that he couldn’t respond to whether the act was intentional because it was “under investigation.” – WSYX-TV

I’m not so certain it wasn’t intentional. Several police have been shot in the past couple of weeks, others have been refused service solely for being a cop. Anti Police incidents like these are at an all time high thanks to #blacklivesmatter. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that someone intentionally put glass in this Officer’s sandwich.

H/T Conservative Tribune


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5 Comments on "[KARMA] – Cafe Joint That Put Glass in Cop’s Sandwich Gets Worst News Possible"

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I’m finding it very hard to believe that it wasn’t intentional. There’s not that many ways that that much glass could get into his drink by accident and be unnoticed.


You would have to be some kind of idiot to think it WASN”T intentional.


So. When they can’t find the source, then it has to be intentional. By the way. Potential for glass break is something the health dept looks at regularly.

Also. Why didn’t anyone else have glass sandwiches?

Brandon Ginn

journalists are supposed to stick to reporting the news not offering an opinion.

C.W. Scott

From my personal experience in the food service industry as a dishwasher, cook, and Chef, there is no way and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, glass in any form would accidentally fall into the sandwich. That was an deliberate act period, end of story.