ISIS Numbers Shrinking: Militants are Being Boiled to Death by Their Own


Like Jackals that consume their own young, ISIS members are being tortured and killed by their “brothers.” In one hell of an ironic twist on the 4th of July, while Americans celebrated our freedoms, certain members of the radical Muslim terrorist group BOILED 7 of their own men. The crime? Running from the battlefield. Now, I know that all deserters should be punished justly, but BOILED ALIVE?

This is not the first time and I am sure it wont be the last. Back in June, 19 militants were tortured and killed in a similar fashion in Fellujah for the same crime of desertion. We all know that ISIS and other Muslim terror groups have no shame nor morals when it comes to torture and murder, but if they keep this up we wont have to worry about them at all.

It’s really only a matter of time before the entire Regime implodes. Losing members due to low salaries, desertion, and now they are trussing up and boiling members like picnic hams. It is absolutely proof that radicals like this are capable of ANY atrocity. They have gone well beyond fighting an enemy to losing their minds entirely.

That must be one hell of a recruitment video…”Join us, but don’t run, or we will make you into a soup!”

Well, if that is how this is going to play out then I for one say….Carry on!


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