[WATCH] Democrats Make America Great By Building A Wall Around The DNC


A wall has turned up in the most unusual place in the USA, and no, it’s not located at our border with Mexico. The 4-mile-long wall is located at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, the location of the Democratic National Convention. If you think that’s ironic, consider that the democrats are building a fence around a building named after a bank. Here are some of our favorite pictures of the DNC Make America Great Wall:



Democrats will obviously stop at nothing to silence all those angry Bernie Sanders supports who are upset that their candidate got screwed out of a nomination. No expense is too high when it comes to Democrats silencing the voice of the people.


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2 Comments on "[WATCH] Democrats Make America Great By Building A Wall Around The DNC"

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Roger Galloway

Bunch of frigging hypocrites.


Crooks think everyone else is just like them a crook. They put the fence up because of what they did at the RNC. They are all crooks. When will the American people wake up. Hey all you ladies out there voting for Hillary because she is a woman. Wake up she is corrupt just count the bodies.